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Mists Of Pandaria Interview With Rob Pardo

Rob Pardo answers questions related to Mop, Diablo and also Titan!

mynsc | News | 2,014 Views | 9:24

Vgas 2010: Max Interviews Blizzard About Titan

Max Scoville goes straight for the throat to get the latest on Titan, Blizzard's upcoming title. We also get the scoop on the Warcraft movie, and what games the guys at Blizzard play when they aren't swimming around in oceans of money.

mynsc | News | 2,350 Views | 3:09

Rob Pardo About Titan - Blizzcon 2011

An interesting status update on Blizzard's still unannounced MMO codenamed Titan.

mynsc | News | 2,818 Views | 4:20