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#11240 TitanFocus is Dead; Long Live TitanFocus!

Posted by jezbelle on 07 August 2014 - 08:52 AM

I'm telling you guys, this is the next big (hardcore) MMO right around the corner: 



The smaller-scale 64-player alpha version gets released on steam in september.


Pre-alpha tests have been going on for months now, and as a tester myself, I can tell you guys that it is... awesome.


Medieval realism, no-target combat, seemless open world, sandbox, full loot pvp.

#10935 Who else wants to scream?

Posted by jezbelle on 06 May 2014 - 09:37 PM

It just hit me how close we were to Titan.... and now....





so far.













#10391 Why they scrapped Titan & How YOU can get Titan released.

Posted by jezbelle on 13 February 2014 - 02:58 AM

And I hope and believe that they will have realised that.  


Lets hope. I think it would even be a good move to draft a letter to Blizzard expressing these sentiments and gather a million sigs  =p


If Titan does not meet these requirements, it would be the end of the MMO genre as we know it for a long time. A hundred MMO gambles later that cost many companies their existance, we have 0 new successes. All have all lost money trying to compete, as they literally have to be the best MMO to make money (with all the MMO players only playing the best MMO).


Simply put, its not as attractive an enterprise as many once thought after the success of WoW, and most have become permanently discouraged. Single player games are much more profitable! (on average)


How can anyone play a single player game? :(   I don't get it.

#10364 Why they scrapped Titan & How YOU can get Titan released.

Posted by jezbelle on 10 February 2014 - 03:26 AM

There's only one reason why they would reset the MMO. And no one has mentioned it.


The first thing you need to understand is that they're not dumb. These people are .. NOT.. dumb. This means:

1) They would not pour hundreds of millions of dollars into a game, and wait until the VERY last second to scrap it because they didn't "like it". They would have OBSERVED much earlier that it wasn't headed in the right direction. This supports the obvious alternative...


In reality, the truth is that they were making a lot more money from WoW than they expected they were going to be making at the end of 2013. When the document was leaked years back, showing that Titan had been scheduled for a 2014 release, WoW subscription numbers (in millions) were going down the toilet. Literally. They wanted to have a game ready for when WoW met its end. But, as it turns out, WoW had a more resilient, core player base than people originally thought... and games that were perceived to be threats (ie. Star Wars) turned out to be duds.


It all comes down to profit. How can they make more profit? How can they satisfy their shareholders? 1) Taking a gamble by releasing Titan now (with WoW earning hundreds of millions of dollars each year already) ORRR   2) sticking with WoW for a few more years, and making guaranteed money. The latter of course, was the safest bet. This is why...


Releasing Titan while WoW was still going strong would have been the most stupid decision of the century, because in MMOs, we have something called a FIXED playerbase. People cannot be playing two MMOs at the same time. When you go to one MMO, you leave the other. And often, the number of active players playing MMOs are relatively static. Because they already OWN the majority of the MMO player base, they would only be stealing players away from themselves to feed Titan. 


Instead of trying to manage two very popular games at the same time, Blizzard's plan has ALWAYS been to wait until WoW dies to release Titan. It is simply more profitable, and more practical. They have decided to scrap Titan (instead of hold onto it for later) because in however many more years it takes for WoW to die, Titan will likely be behind its time.


The sooner WoW dies, the sooner we get our beloved Titan. Convince your friends to quit.