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#11358 TitanFocus is Dead; Long Live TitanFocus!

Posted by Gutengutter on 25 September 2014 - 11:13 AM

I think the decision should be made after blizzcon just in case they announce Overwatch. This is assuming it's a heavily multiplayer game.


Beyond this, I think it would be cool if TF became a portal/newsource/discussion forum focused on multiple sandbox MMOs.

#11009 Kotaku speculates about Titan

Posted by Gutengutter on 17 May 2014 - 01:56 AM

I agree with Sarnakyle. There seems to be a very good chance we'll know what the successor to Titan is at the end of the year. It seems like a teaser at E3 is even possible. There's no way Titan's development would've continued for 6+ years if they didn't at least have a solid concept with lore. Even if the game isn't an MMO(which seems likely), there's a very good chance the characters and world(s) would be the same.


What's really interesting about this whole thing is it comes down to how you define a game's development. For example, Half-Life 2 and CS: Source are made on the same engine. Did Half-Life 2's development begin with the source engine's development or when the devs began to build the levels/cutscenes themselves? The original Dota was developed on the W3 engine, does that mean its development began at the beginning of W3?


For all we know they could've had an entire engine ready to go or one of the game's possible "modes" ready and then decided to scale the game down. The interview Mike Morhaime gave at the last Blizzcon made it sound like they'd reached a definitive decision on how the project was to proceed. They could've scraped the entire game and then immediately begun building art models for an already existing engine. They could've broken the game down into several projects and on and on.

#10903 Persistent world - yes/no

Posted by Gutengutter on 29 April 2014 - 11:31 PM

I think we could still see a segment of the game that's persistent or maybe a really scaled down version of what Blizzard had in mind. Not sure which option to pick for the poll. It seems like it would really come down to what the problems were with Titan.


If they couldn't implement a persistent world because of problems with the design of the game, than probably not. If it had more to do with changes in the mmo market or just the sheer amount of time it would take to actually build than I think we could see some.


There will definitely be progression. I haven't checked to see if the latest Blizzard jobs have been added to the Titan jobs thread, but the last time I looked there were jobs which mentioned duties like level design and designing weapons and armor.

#10887 Some Tinfoil

Posted by Gutengutter on 26 April 2014 - 10:05 PM

Specifically, about the Overwatch trademark. I'm becoming more and more convinced that it's the successor to Titan. Let's jump into it. Let's talk about the name. Here's the definition Mynsc posted in his recent article:

"In modern warfare, overwatch is the state of one small unit or military vehicle supporting another unit, while they are executing fire and movement tactics. An overwatching, or supporting unit has taken a position where it can observe the terrain ahead, especially likely enemy positions. This allows it to provide effective covering fire for advancing friendly units. The term overwatch originates in U.S. military doctrine."

Something which is very important to note is that overwatch isn't necessarily done just by infantry units. Much of it can be done with aircraft, drones and armor. I think even if the name is directly referencing this term we can't really assume it's an fps.

That being said, I think we need to consider the dictionary definition of overwatch as well: "to watch over." This is the standard definition. This term often implies protecting or guarding as well.

What's interesting is how both the dictionary definition and military term can overlap and fit into a game. For example, the player is tasked with defending/capturing an objective and is then given command of a platoon of soldiers with a moba/rts view and issues commands and/or gives supporting fire to meet the objectives.

A user by the name of David posted in Mynsc's article and mentioned the concept of a flash game where you take command of an army. I really think there's something to it. But I think there's much more than he mentioned.

I want to refer back to a post I made last October called Tinfoil Titan Prediction. To summarize, I basically said that you would play as the creators of WoW's titans and you would command armies, conquer and build on a massive scale. I also said that achievements in other Blizzard games may provide some sort of benefit to you in this game. Sarnakyle is the one who first put forth the idea of cross-game achievements and rewards(at least on this site). Sarnakyle, I owe you apology because I linked to something I'd written in one of my earlier posts, but it was you who mentioned the idea of cross-game interaction first.

Now I want to present a hypothetical situation to you all about Titan's development. Suppose you were working on a massive sandbox game in which you conquered and managed enormous areas(maybe entire planets) while at the same time building up armies and fighting other players/bosses with them. The game is so in-depth, the dev team is actually putting in ecosystems and elaborate ai for npcs on the planets themselves. It takes enormous amounts of time just to manage the planets without even getting into combat. The combat itself is its own mode and has a mix of moba and the Total War series. There are so many factors which interplay with eachother that the sheer amount of time just adding them into the game is adding up to months and then years.

Many different features are so in depth that it's creating the kinds of problems managing several tiller farms creates for WoW players. Some of the features are so elaborate that they are undercutting the overall goal of the game itself.

Then to top this all off, Blizzard sees the rise of the F2P market and begins to doubt the viability of a subscription based MMO. Their forced to go back to the drawing board and alter the design of the game so it can be better monetized as a F2P or at least, B2P game.

They see these three factors and decide to scrap the current iteration of the game because it will take too long, be too costly and may not have the "broad appeal" they want it to have. But the overall concept of the game is awesome and they know it. They've developed lots of tools, art, lore and systems which they can recycle into their new game. So they get together with their best developers(Jeff Kaplan perhaps?) and they figure it all out. They decide to emphasize the combat portion of the game and to hold off on the broader features.

Overwatch is what they come up with. This will be about managing a base instead of a civilization or planet. And you will have a platoon instead of an army. As David mentioned, players will be able to make their own levels for both pve and pvp. There was actually a job offering a few years ago for an instance designer under their "next-gen mmo" page. On another note, isn't it interesting how they're rolling out the garrison features for Warlords of Draenor?

I believe there is a very good chance players will be rewarded in Overwatch for achievements in other Blizzard games. And I think there will be a massive progression system. I think units and/or characters will either be earned or at least enhanced via this system.

Now although this is a tinfoil post, I insist on having a shred of evidence. Recall a tweet two years ago from Rob Pardo in which he mentioned that he got to play an early version of Titan:

"just got to do a playtest in Titan - pretty rough still, but lots of fun too!" 27 Mar, 2012.

This seems consistent for a game with multiple modes. It could have been an early iteration of a combat mode. Other modes could have been far more intricate or just not developed yet. He even could've been playing an "overwatch mode." I think chances are very high that they'll recycle certain features of the game formerly known as Titan into their new project.

#9270 Tinfoil Titan Prediction

Posted by Gutengutter on 24 October 2013 - 05:53 PM

Nice nice... 

But couldn't Titan just be random project name? And the fact that WoW has Titans is just a... coincidence?

I mean project names often don't represent the game at its final stage at all.

I'm not here to just complain, so I must give you credit for some nice ideas, and I think it kinda goes along with that "leak-troll" saying that Titan is not quite a new franchise but a spin-off.

Yes, for sure it could be a coincidence. Again, not titans, their creators.


It's very interesting when you compare the titans in Greek mythology and what they did to shape their world and what the ingame WoW titan myths say they did to shape Azeroth. I think the codename titan makes sense at a deeper level than just sharing the word. Especially when we look at what Blizzard codenamed their other projects.

#9258 Tinfoil Titan Prediction

Posted by Gutengutter on 23 October 2013 - 03:05 PM

I've been meaning to write this up since this past January. This crazy prediction is tinfoil even as tinfoil goes. This is what I think Titan is. It should be noted that other people around the internet have mentioned various elements of what is discussed here. Instead of trying to explain every angle, I'll just lay out what I think it is and then try to answer questions/objections as they come. Also, there are WoW spoilers.

Around 2:30 of this video is very interesting. "We must rebuild the final titan" in many ways changes how we(WoW players) thought of the titans. If titans are "built," then we really know absolutely nothing about who or what is behind much of Azeroth's history. The titans appear to be creations just as the robots in their facilities around the planet.

Am I suggesting that we're going to play as titans? No. I'm suggesting that we may play as their creators(advanced, trans-dimensional, time travelers perhaps?). I should also note that I really don't follow lore in WoW very much. But after doing some digging, here are some basic pieces of information of what the titans supposedly have done.

-Make enormous, highly advanced facilities which were designed to run for millenia on their own.
-Change the geography of the planet - like dredging out canyons, etc.
-Make entire armies of sentient, self-aware beings with programmed tasks(it actually sounds a lot like the way the overmind was programmed in the starcraft games).
-Fight ridiculously powerful aliens and win when they were much stronger than they currently are in game.
-Created a race of dragons to manage and oversee time(would make sense that they would be even more powerful).
-Travel to and conquer countless worlds around the universe(s?)

And to add to all that, apparently, they are created by something else.

The Game Itself
I believe we'll play as creators of the titans. WoW will be just one little world and will hardly be mentioned at all. The game could involve a massive intergalactic, trans-dimensional war of some kind. It'll probably include:
-Fighting all sorts of creatures/factions in PVE encounters ourselves or with a mixture of avatar-terminator-transformers type technology.
-Commanding armies which we've created or enhanced.
-Conquering, creating and/or managing our own planets. Think a mixture of Sim City, SC2, Eve Online and Minecraft.
-Minigames and other casual things which are designed primarily for casual players uninterested in more traditional MMOs.
-Spaceflight, etc.
-Interfactional wars and also arena-style matches between players.
-User-generated content like making your own cosmetic items - possibly to sell.
-In depth reward and legacy system which will reward long-time Blizzard customers and encourage players to remain active in other Blizzard games. This would include things like special skins for your armies/planet which can only be acquired by finishing certain tasks in other games.

There would be vast sandbox activities, solo-content and many forms of "endgame." They may even be different genres.

Why This Makes Sense
There is already a great deal of crossover between Blizzard games. Doing something like this wouldn't only provide a cutting-edge MMO to the market, but it would build a rapport between Blizzard and its customers. It would keep Blizzard titles from cannabalizing each other. It would also serve to keep WoW relevant while at the same time eliminating any sense of loss for players switching games. Others as well as myself have mentioned this in other threads.

I think a lot of the complained about features in other Blizzard titles over the past few years have been litmus tests to gauge the tastes of their consumers and to see how they can monetize Titan. The decline in the subscription model, the failure of the RMAH in diablo and the F2P craze are what I think really made Blizzard go back to the drawing board.

There's a lot more I want to say. But I've gone on long enough. At the very least we can all look back and laugh at this when Titan is finally announced. So I'll end it by asking you to remember the list of "features" I rattled off and then consider this:

Kaplan, who revealed he is involved in the project, was asked if the game's genre would be science fiction, post-apocalyptic, or historical, and while laughing he responded: "all of those combined!"


#8838 Titan rumors without any credible source

Posted by Gutengutter on 15 September 2013 - 05:16 AM

I found an old mikepreachwow video in which he mentions some of the supposed gameplay and why Titan was delayed. He's a youtuber with 60k subs and he apparently knows some people under NDAA for Titan.

#8822 Titan cannot be just an MMO

Posted by Gutengutter on 14 September 2013 - 03:55 AM

Hey guys. I've been lurking on these forums for months and just want to say that without some of the content put out by the other users I wouldn't have much of an interest in Titan or even be aware of its progress.


Based on the statements by Paul Sams which Sarnakyle mentioned in this thread, I think we must conclude Titan to be a bigger project than just that huge, awesome MMO we all want to play. The COO of Blizzard coming out and saying that he expects Titan to be growing in 15 or 20 years makes me think it will include other activities and products besides their new game. It also makes me think that the chances of seeing something Titan-related at blizzcon are very high, even if it has nothing to do with a new game and there's no apparent connection to one.


In another interview(also linked by Sarnakyle), Sams said that Titan will be more complementary, rather than competative to WoW. This reminds me of a few years ago when Mike Morhaime mentioned in a conference call that Titan would be a "casual MMO" and that WoW would still be going strong. I used to think Morhaime was just saying that to placate investors and Titan would replace WoW. But changes to battlenet, Hearthstone's announcement and the remarks by Paul Sams make me think Blizzard has much bigger plans than simply a new game.


I'll just rattle off a few things which when combined with what's been already mentioned makes much more sense.

1) Hearthstone's announcement makes the leaked product slate much more credible. I think it's likely that at the very least someone within the company made the chart and released it as a leak even if it was never actually presented in internal meetings. I want to direct your attention to the BNET 3rd parties(which was obviously canned atm) and the SC2 map market.

2) I'm in the Hearthstone beta and by extension I also have the latest BNET client. It's really convenient. I log into the client once and then I can access all my Blizzard games. Hypothetically, this would make it very easy to track achievements across games and give rewards(like a WoW pet for purching a CE in another game) as well.

3) People have put a lot of time into WoW and other games and have grown fond of their characters, items and achievements and they would want to keep them in some form or another when they turned their attention to Titan.


So, I think Titan is a platform and means to build rapport with their customers in addition to just being their new game. I think it's very likely achievements in older Blizzard titles will give some sort of rewards in Titan and I think it will be set up in such a way that their newer games will serve to complement eachother and create a more continous experience for decades to come. And I think there may even be lore crossovers between the various Blizzard properties in the future, in the same way there are lore crossovers between the various Steven King IPs in the Dark Tower Series.


WoW peaked in 2010 - about 6 years after it came out. Sure, it will make money for years to come, but it's decline has already begun. I'm no programmer or game developer, but there's simply no game in the world which can have "broad appeal" and still be growing strong 15 to 20 years in and of itself. It's just impossible to anticipate the technology and the desires of the consumer.