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Create Your [Titan Game Character]

31 March 2013 - 05:03 PM

Hi, here you can basically present and create your in-game character strenghts.


If you had 30 points to invest into your character, how would you distribute them?

You can spend 0-10 points into one attribute, but not more, as 10 is the maximum for one attribute.

Please use the same plot as below! Thanks.


That'd be my deployment of these 30 points;



  • Attack/spell power: 9

(0=low damage portions and only zero to minor effects on heavy armored targets, 10=heavy and intense armor-piercing hits)


  • Attack/cast speed: 0

(0=slow attack speed, 10=very fast and frequent hits)


  • Armor and combat resistance: 0

(0=almost zero armor and very vulnerable if hit, 10=almost impenetrable armor and takes only low damage if hit)


  • Stealth ability: 9

(0=no real stealth techniques and very present on the battlefield like a tank, 10=very quiet, uses sound absorbing equipment and highly effective camouflage)


  • Movement: 5

(0=slow movement, 10=very quick and fast movement)


  • Accuracy: 7

(0=low accuarcy, 10=sure shots)



Basically I'm more the sniper-guy. Haha.

Anti Matrix - Titan Fan Fiction

27 March 2013 - 02:19 PM


















Titan Fan Fiction:


New crosshair targeting system.


Lesser, but more powerful servers.


Almost unlimited character customization options.


Lovely animated characters, next-gen textures, lots of details and polygons for a photorealistic look.


New powerful and efficient ZeusTM physics engine;

Characters, mounts and many objects with realistic velocity/mass/friction- effects


Living, interactive world; many moveable objects, trees affected by wind, npcs with daily routines


Be creative;

create your own quests,

your own house with interieur,

design vehicles,

and even your own dungeon/battlefield- maps


Huge world;

solve mysthic riddles and discover hidden treasures in the rainforest,

test your strenght against mighty creatures in the desert, find an oasis to settle down and recover,

invite a friend into your apartment or meet in one of the green parks,

visit the huge marketplaces or dance clubs in the cities and much more!


Different realms with different time zones; from ancient civilisations to near-future timelines.


Outstanding next-gen spell effects with improved particle system.


Ultra view; up to 5km render distance.


Variable field of view setting and eye-finity support for 3 desktop-screens or even more!


Different camera settings;

first person,

third person,

frog perspective,

free moving camera.


Pvp ship battles, Pvp/pve air combat.


New screenshot tech;

add the effects of motion-blur,

long-time exposure,

different white-balance settings,


set focus point,

adjust aperture for depth-of-field

and focal lenght from ultra-wideangle to super-telephoto.


Sell your photographs or show them your friends at home.


Different quest-types with different difficulties (easy-normal-challenging-brutal)

and different rewards depending on selected difficulty.



object garding guarding,

restoration jobs,

„hit-the-gnoll“ games (lol joke),

public transportation services,

long-range shooting,

parcour running,





Realm versus Realm open-world wargames.


Unique and dynamic weather conditions;

dense fog areas,

rain/dry seasons,

lightning strikes,

impressive hailstorms,

variable wind speeds,


desert storms,

sunny or cloudy,

snow and frost,

dreamy days and amazing sunsets,

and much more that grants you an epic

and unexpected dynamic gameplay experience.


Open world events in many locations around the world.

Every day, there’s something new.


Effective built-in voice chat with character lipsync tech.


Create your own spell effects and fine-tune your characters fighting techniques.


Over 50 animated social emotes.


More than 20 different dance styles for each avatar. Including Gangnam Style and Harlem Shake.


Weapon modifications; silencer, sniper scopes, different ammunition types, poisoned arrows…

What element would you like to be?

19 March 2013 - 04:07 PM

...if you could choose? What's your inner personality?




Select your favorite!

World of Warcraft and its unused potential

11 March 2013 - 05:40 AM


World oWarcraft...

...and its unused potential



Well, I'm not playing this game anymore. I'm neither hater nor fanboy. But when I remember back... I want to talk about my opinions with you and I felt like it is important to mention this somewhere in a ...more or less... public forum.



I got inspired by reading Euph's thread about "Your favourite place in WoW". There are several beautiful areas in World of Warcraft. You guys named a few of my favorite ones (link). Too bad noone's visiting these wonderful places (and by noone I mean far too less players to be honest). That's one of Blizzard's faults - not yours. Same with instanced adventures; even the older dungeons are still really awesome and the devs made it with so much (!) passion - only to be forgotten and replaced by newer content an expansion later. What a pity! 


Most people don't mind the timeless beauty of Warcraft because it's not interesting for them. Why? Let's move on with some details:

  • Flying Mounts; lowered social interaction between players to a minimum, players aren't recognizing the beautiful landscapes/details anymore. Flying mounts are too cheap and easy to get. It feels too mandatory to have a flying mount. It's too casual. Things like gliders would be FAR enough in this aspect - they won't compromise social interaction or gameplay experience, but you'd still have the option to jump off from cliffs or hills to glide a long distance through the air. That'd be a much better experience - in fact it would give you an awesome feeling! 
  • Content consuming; fast replacement of dungeons, raids, open world areas and much more. Nothing good at all. Especially if quantity goes over quality (I'll get into details).
  • No quest diversity; quests tasks are always the same, there are no major changes or improvements. There are so much ideas out there, but we're still standing in the dark.
  • New players and their way to max. level; new players don't take the awesome journey that classic players took. By slaying a boss in a raid they don't feel that epic anymore. And wearing epic items doesn't feel epic too. In the early days, you had to swing your butt through Raid A if you wanted to get into Raid B (and so forth...). And that journey felt so epic. Nowadays, especially by queing into LFR, you feel like getting epic items is just a grind - instead of a challenge. But also normal and heroic doesn't give back the same feeling as in the old days. This takes away so much greatness from World of Warcraft. It's a sad thing.
  • Scaling up and down; PvP/PvE balance is something very hard to achieve and I don't understand why Blizzard is nerfing and buffing all the classes every "two seconds". This often results in confusion and players have a hard time to adapt to all the frequent changes made by Blizzard. It's a good thing if there is some balancing and support from Blizzard, but in World of Warcraft it's done far too often. It leaves a bad impression.
  • "Quantity over Quality"; It's almost a poor disneyland experience. Once you've seen the content, you move on to the next part, often skipping things in your way because you know it's just crap. Players have far too less personal choices. I guess creativity is a foreign word in World of Warcraft. However,... most ppl keep playing because of their online friendships or addiction. It's more like a chat application with a virtual character where you have the ability to kill mobs with your friends by clicking one and the same button again and again. Or maybe two *lol*. And you have to pay for getting quantity over quality. Right?

Too bad all these hitches are overshadowing the good things, like...

  • Challenge dungeons - probably the most exciting thing; it felt really awesome to achieve gold medals with my friends
  • Transmogrification - you like it, right :)
  • Talent system improvements - Blizzard has done a great job here
  • Scenarios - nice storytelling
  • Huge, detailed and diversified world - mostly forgotten

...So I quit (hoping that Blizzard will do much better with Titan or in a future WoW-expansion).


There are good solutions for every problems mentioned above. I won't talk about it here 'cause it'd be somewhat off-topic. But since we're in a forum focused on project "Titan" (even if you're reading a WoW-related topic) I have to say there's hope Blizzard will do better with their new unannounced MMO because they can do it all again from the very beginning, making sure not to do the same mistakes twice.


Last question; do you think Blizzard is well aware of the things I've mentioned?

I don't know. Only time will tell, my friends. Thanks for reading!



Fake Titan artworks

06 March 2013 - 08:50 PM


artworks / screenshots / video footage



Hey guys n gals! Last time we got our full list of rumors about project Titan, 

but as there are no dedicated topics about TITAN concept art / screenshots leaks I thought it's time to open up this thread for all of you.




There are almost no images at this time, but there will be more in the future, so feel free to add new images/videos as time goes on.

Fake or not, doesn't matter, as all of these imgs aren't confirmed by Blizzard and just here for the purpose to give us an overview of what we got so far.


Note: This topic is not for posting images of an artists portfolio as they cannot be Titan-related. 


@ mynsc; What about a TitanWiki Article dedicated to rumored (possible) Titan Artwork. Link could be implemented right here.


Have fun!




Link: http://www.titanever.../titanmmorp.jpg




Link: http://i.imgur.com/sjSVOaV.jpg