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#9407 Titan @ Blizzcon - Short Analysis and Predictions

Posted by Falloubst on 04 November 2013 - 03:49 PM

I don't think that Titan will be announced this year. There're too many other interesting things as already mentioned:


- WoW Expansion,

- Diablo III Expansion,

- Heroes of the Storm (AKA Blizzard All-Stars),

- Hearthstone,

- Warcraft movie etc.


I believe that we'll get some generic info from Rob Pardo like "Yes, we're still working on the game. Its concept has been re-vamped and we're just re-arranged our team. We're in the middle of the production process etc."

#7257 MMO genre is dead, time of death 10.06.2013

Posted by Falloubst on 11 June 2013 - 11:23 AM

I totally agree, Slayer. I strongly believe that the MMO genre is going to change. I think we've seen within the last few years that MMO games are getting more accessible - more "casual" if you want to call lit ike that.


The next generation of consoles will offer good possibilities for developers to create MMO games for those platforms. IMHO console games are a way more accessible than PC games and I think that MMO developers will make use of that in near future.


Many games are shifting towards persistent worlds - even console games as we've seen.


I don't think that traditional MMOs for PC will die out but there probably won't be that many new MMO games coming out. Maybe traditional PC MMOs are going to become a "niche product" again?


I think it's just the natural way of how things evolve - the gaming audience changes, the technology changes and games change too. If games wouldn't change at all, we'd probably still be playing Pong and Pac-Man (I guess some of us still do though). :D


Even if I'm not going to buy a new console, I find it interesting to watch how things change. I believe that we're going to see more persitent world games (especially on consoles) and less traditional MMOs. Though I'm pretty sure that traditional MMOs won't die - but there will be a smaller selection of games.

#7013 You Should Listen To This [music]

Posted by Falloubst on 31 May 2013 - 05:37 PM


This calms my mind...

#6801 If Blizzard doesn't announce Titan at Blizzcon...

Posted by Falloubst on 27 May 2013 - 07:09 AM

Hope for the best,

expect the worst

and take what comes.


Though I'd love to see Blizzard announcing Titan this year, I think there's a slight chance of Blizz not announcing Titan in 2013. I don't set my hopes too high, becaue I want to be disappointed.

#2233 What is "Blizzard Atlas US"?

Posted by Falloubst on 06 January 2013 - 12:16 PM

I've found some other "Atlas" links on software.informer.com:







Strange things are happening here... US / EU / TW / KR... sounds pretty "global" to me.

#2228 What is "Blizzard Atlas US"?

Posted by Falloubst on 06 January 2013 - 08:44 AM

Hello guys,


I've found this topic on the mmorpg.com forums while randomly browsing the interwebs.


The OP of that thread found an eBay auction where a guy sells a Blizzard employee T-Shirt with the label "Atlas" on it.


After some more research the guy (OP) found out that "Atlas US" could potentially be some piece of software (?) that is currently being developed by Blizzard Entertainment.


What do you guys think? Could "Atlas" have something to do with Titan?

#1858 Blizzard registers Project Blackstone domain, leaves everyone guessing

Posted by Falloubst on 17 December 2012 - 10:10 PM

I've found some interesting "news" regarding Project Blackstone.


Greg Street, better known as Ghostcrawler, said during an interview with All Things Azeroth that he doesn't know what Project Blackstone is. You can listen to the podcast right here. The interview starts at ~ 47:00.


And here's the quote:

You know... *laughs* I don't actually know what Project Blackstone is. Maybe that's me giving too much information 'cause now you know there is no awesome game to be announced.


What do you think? Is GC obviously lying in order not to break the NDA or is he telling the truth? I believe that he knows what Project Blackstone is. He (probably just like any other Blizzard employee) would never leak any secret information in such an obvious way. I'm pretty sure that he would get sued for millions of dollars if he would have talked about Blizzard's best kept secret without permission.

#1668 What do you think of the site?

Posted by Falloubst on 07 December 2012 - 03:56 PM

There's already a preview option. Just click the "More Reply Options" button and then you'll be able to preview your post. :)

#1575 Blizzard registers Project Blackstone domain, leaves everyone guessing

Posted by Falloubst on 02 December 2012 - 09:56 AM

I totally agree with my Austrian neighbour DiveDown. "Project" sounds like an unfinished thing. In that regard, I hope that player-driven content is going to be a huge part of Titan (assuming that PBS is the final title).

I'd really like to see Blizzard developing a casual-friendly, accessible sandbox MMO which also appeals to hardcore players. Man, that would be so awesome. Just give us a post-apocalyptic world where we players have to rebuild everything on our own.

#1559 Blizzard registers Project Blackstone domain, leaves everyone guessing

Posted by Falloubst on 01 December 2012 - 12:50 PM

Very interesting news! I'm pretty sure that Project Blackstone has something to do with Titan.

I totally agree with WickedWitchy. "Project" sounds too futuristic for a fantasy game like Diablo or Warcraft. I think it's possible that Project Blackstone is the final name of Blizzard's next MMO aka Titan.

I could also imagine that Project Blackstone is the next WoW expansion. We already got some sci-fi oriented themes and names in WoW, for example The Exodar/Draenei theme; "Operation Shieldwall" faction in WoW Patch 5.1 etc.

My final guess - Project Blackstone = next WoW expansion which is going to be truly different OR Titan = PBS


If Project Blackstone is going to be Titan's final name, its abbreviation is going to be so damn hilarious - Project BS. :D

#1375 Titan Trivia!

Posted by Falloubst on 17 November 2012 - 08:59 AM

Good idea. :D Man, those questions aren't that easy to answer... but I guess that's the point of a Trivia.

#1330 Heart of the Swarm Arrives March 12, 2013

Posted by Falloubst on 13 November 2012 - 05:55 PM

Seems like Blizz just announced the release date for SC II's first expansion set.



What do you think about the date? Are you going to get it? There will be a Digital Deluxe Edition too.

#1320 My thoughts on what Titan's Achievement system should have.

Posted by Falloubst on 12 November 2012 - 04:13 PM

I recently thought about this topic again...

Basically achievements should be something optional - something that is not mandatory. On the other hand side - especially in WoW - your achievements are showing other players what you already did in the game. And therefore they are kind of mandatory. It's highly likely that a player with less achievements will be called "a worse" player than somebody with more achievement points (or special achievements).

I came up with an idea on how Blizzard could change the achievement system in Titan. What if they would add a character history (including statistics) instead of achievements that you can work on? A character history lets you focus on your character progress since you can't really "work on your history". It would also give other players a chance to judge whether you're a good player or not: "Man, this guy has been playing for 1 week only and has killed 100.000 enemy players. That must be a cool dude!"

Looking at somebodys statistics/gaming history is much more fun than looking at somebodys achievements. Unfortunately WoW doesn't offer an in-depth history review of a certain character.

What do you guys think of that idea? Facebook Timeline for Titan? Could this actually work?

#1224 My thoughts on what Titan's Achievement system should have.

Posted by Falloubst on 04 November 2012 - 05:52 PM

I totally agree, Sarnakyle. Achievements should be something special.

BUT I personally don't want to see an achievement system in Titan. When I play a game without an achievement system, I'm focusing more on the gameplay aspect of the game. Not having done certain achievements (especially in WoW) make me feel like not having played the game.

#1029 Titan and monetization - your thoughts?

Posted by Falloubst on 12 September 2012 - 10:11 AM

Hey guys and girls,

I wonder what your thoughts on Titan and monetization are.

What do you think which model is Titan going to use and why? Do you think that Titan will use a traditional (payment) method or establish its own way of monetization?

Here are some models that are currently being used in the (MMO) genre.

1. Subscription based or pay-to-play (e.g. RIFT, WoW): You pay a monthly fee in order to play the game. There might be an additonal cash shop where you can buy cosmetic items (mounts and such) with real-world currency. You have to buy the boxed version too to play the game. Expansions usually cost money too; however, EVE Online for expample doesn't charge players for its new expansions.

2. Free-to-play: There is no monthly fee required, you don't need to buy a box (or license key) to play the game. However, some free-to-play games offer a premium subscriptions which often grant players additional power (i.e. XP boost). Cash shops always play a big part in the free-to-play model, offering power items, XP boost etc. In some free-to-play titles, players are kind of forced to use the cash shop if they want to compete with other players.

3. Buy-to-play: Think about Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2. You buy the boxed game and you can play it, without having to pay extra money. There might be cash shops (with more ore less cosmetic items only) to make sure the game has a steady "income". Diablo III, even it's not an MMO, uses the "Real-Money Auction House" ("RMAH" for short) to gain real money from its playerbase. In Diablo III, players are able to sell in-game items for real-world currency to other players. Everytime an item (or in-game gold) has been sold on the RMAH, Blizzard gets some money off of that transaction.

So, those are basically the models that come into my mind when I think about MMO and monetization.

Here's my personal opinion:

I'm almost a 100 percent sure that we will have to buy a license key (boxed version or digital download) to play the game. IMHO those initial sales are very important to a game company. The Diablo III sales showed us that Blizzard is able to build up a lot of hype around a game. I think Blizzard would be *stupid* if they wouldn't use their ability to "convince" people to buy their games at launch.

Some Blizzard employees (I think Paul Sams, Mike Morhaime & Jeffrey Kaplan) stated that Titan and WoW may co-exist. The Titan development team is not trying to kill or to compete with WoW. With that in mind, another subscription based MMO wouldn't be logical. I think it's almost safe to say that most (MMO) players only like to pay for one subscription based game per month. Maybe Blizzard will offer a subscription bundle, if you want to play both games at the same time. But if they release Titan as a "standard" subscription-based game, people will either play WoW or Titan, not both. And that's not what I think that Blizzard wants, they want us to play all of their games.

Another fact is that there're lot of people (I think) who don't want to pay a monthly fee in order to play a game. Blizzard said that Titan should appeal to the masses. And what if majority of people don't want to pay for games anymore?

I personally think that Titan is going to use its own, new way of monetization - in-game advertisements, RMAH, maybe a cash shop with cosmetic items.

- Falloubst