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In Topic: Rogue - A second look

23 October 2015 - 07:00 AM

Rogue right now the weakest class in constructed yaay :smoke:


but i remember in open beta rogue was like the most OP stuff with cheap removal and incredbly efficient cards.

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23 October 2015 - 06:58 AM




Overwatch. Blizzard's first brand new IP since Starcraft was released in March of 1998. The title debuted at the 2014 Blizzcon in Anaheim California. Originally conceived as an MMO, the project was reset in 2013. The game will mark Blizzard's first released FPS and is drastically different from their other IPs. It will be the first earth centric title and takes a more "colorful" art direction with similarities to Pixar films. There is also a clear indication that Blizzard is prepared to create strong female characters among more diverse heroes. Of the twelve initially released heroes, five of them were female with Tracer becoming an instant icon as the game's main protagonist.



So instead of continuing with Titan, they are making another TF2 clone? really?


I mean I understand that the MMORPG market is kind of saturated, but is it really the right thing to do to then switch into a 5v5 shooter?


dont think this will work for them