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My guess on Project Titans new direction

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So Blizzard has gone back to the drawing board concerning Project Titan, right? Why? What caused this? What caused Blizzard to halt development on what they were currently working on?


I think we learned a lot from the BlizzCon interview that was at Blizzcon 2013 with Mike Morhaime. Can be seen on the home page of this website.


I think there were two important statements made...


First one being... and I quote...


"What we found is, we've been working on this game, and we recognize the path we were on was not going to yield the Blizzard quality result in a reasonable time frame."


So what is he saying here? To some it may be nothing. To me though he is saying quite a bit. I think he is admitting that "Project Titan" was too much of an undertaking, too complicated and too darn big.


What have we been constantly hearing about Project Titan in the previous few years? That's its so different from WoW, so much that it wont compete with WoW at all. They said that they wanted Project Titan to attract a broader audience. Blizzard has also been quoted saying... they had a vision for this game to still be growing strong in ten, fifteen or twenty years. That it will set a new mark in the industry.


Wow... sounds like a big undertaking right? Everything we have heard has told me that this game was going to be BIG. Was going in a NEW direction. What this tells me is that Blizzard was going in a very RISKY direction.


And now we have this quote above. Admitting that... "hey look, sh*t just got too damn complicated. This game was way too big for our undertaking and it would have taken forever to create, with Blizzard quality stamped on it. This is why I think they scrapped "Project Titan". The game was becoming way too complicated to be fun. Also, they were going in a very risky direction.


Then we have the next quote in the same interview...


"So we took a step back, we asked a lot of really hard questions about what we were doing and what we SHOULD be doing, and I think we have come up with something really great."


Wow... to me this is Mike basically addressing the risk of Project Titan. Asking questions such as... is Project Titan too risky? Is this the direction we really want to take our next MMO? Where are we going with this? Is this getting too complicated? What if this game fails? Why take such a risky path? It will potentially cost us MILLIONS.


He admits... "what SHOULD we be doing?". Meaning... hey... what got us here? What made us millions and millions of dollars? What propelled the MMO genre to a whole other level in popularity? World of Warcraft...


I think they stepped back and took a hard look at what made WoW so damn popular and successful. Was it complicated? Was it earth shattering originality? Was it so big that gamers never seen anything like it before.... no... not really... in fact WoW is a game that is quite simple.


Mike then goes on to say that the new direction of "Project Titan"...


"it is pretty different from what we originally set out to do".


They obviously scrapped this thing. They went back to the drawing board.


So bottom line what do I think? I think we are now going to see a game much more like WoW. It makes sense. Folks, the MMO genre is not dead. My god we have a nearly 10 year old game raking in $15 dollars a month from 7 million subscribers. That is a resounding success.


So why try to do something TOTALLY different? I mean.... that's dumb.


"Hey guys lets make our next gen MMO game different in every way possible than the game we previously made that made us MILLLLLLLIONS of dollars."


Yea... that sounds real smart...


Now... am I saying that this game is going to be WoW 2.0. No, but I do think it is going to have a lot of similarities. I think they want to go in a much less risky direction. For the most part Blizzard should be sticking to the basics of what makes a successful game. We all know that Blizzards expertise is taking a good idea and then making it better and more polished. Blizzard is not the most creative game developer and that is perfectly OK.


So now my rant is over with. I will shut up now since this has gone a little longer than first anticipated. I just wanted to give my thoughts on what the new direction of this game may be : )





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Nice ideas :) Welcome to TF BTW :)