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Why they scrapped Titan & How YOU can get Titan released.

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I love WoW. Imo the best game ever created for so many reasons.


But at this point I think it's doing "harm" for the future of MMOs from Blizzard.


No matter what anyone at Blizzard thinks about WoW as a game it's a cash cow like nothing else. With that much money coming in there is no way the top management of Blizzard can take decisions that could artificially kill WoW. 


Either Blizzard will some day make something very similar to WoW or WoW2 just because they can and WoW is so old it's not funny (in year 2030) or WoW subs drop significantly so that they finally get the MMO development going on and release a new MMO.


With the success of Hearthstone and probably Heroes of the Storm I see Blizzard continuing in that path (smaller games) along with doing more that can be played on next gen consoles.


It's going to be fun to see what Titan has become but at this point I am not expecting a huge MMO world like WoW or even an MMO at all. I would be pleasantly surprised if Titan is still an MMO.