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New, but actually quite old, Titan Lore info emerging.

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Update: The 2 tweets have been deleted meanwhile, so the links don't work anymore.Here's an interesting guy we apparently missed: Cameron Dayton. Who is he ? Well, his LinkedIn page tells all we need to know:


... and if you have a premium account, you can find a more accurate description of his part in Blizzard's new MMO:

Cameron Dayton

Imagining, creating, and writing the universe for Blizzard's new MMO (working title: Titan) from the ground up -- the history, philosophy, heroes, and villains. In addition to the core construction of the game's story, I wrote flavor pieces for the main characters and important events to lend depth and immersion for our team. Much of my time involved meeting with the art and animation team to ensure their work wove into the narrative.
So he was one of the main artists behind Titan's universe. Also, from his description, we certainly get the feel Titan's storyline won't be just a mere afterthought and it is heavily worked on.Where it gets even more interesting is that during this period, he was pretty loud mouth on Twitter too, sending out these 2 gems:

First one is pretty telling and for those who don't know who Stan Sakai is, check out his Wikipedia page.Second one should be taken with a grain of salt because we really can't know if we should take his words literally or just as a nice metaphor. It would be nothing short of mind blowing if he really meant what he said, but jumping to this conclusion right now is a bit hasty. Fingers crossed though!This is not new info and it definitely isn't much, but it does help us get a feel of how solid Titan's lore will be.


Important mention: Even if I do not agree with his conclusion, entire credit for this goes to Digital Castration blog. Unfortunately right now I'm on a short vacation and my EDGE connection is even worse than it sounds, so I am not able to properly expand and verify all this, but I thought I should let you guys know as fast as possible.

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