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1. Skins
  • Uniform - It's the default one. Light skin with the option of customizing it's background (only available to Supporters). To do this press the "Customize background image" button situated top right, after "View New Content" and under the main tabs.
  • Mobile - for smartphones use only.
To change between them press the "Change Theme" link in the lower left corner.

2. Gallery

This will be a main feature later on, when we'll have access to Titan media. As a member, you can view, comment and add images to the existing albums. For now, only the "Titan players" album (and its sub albums) are open for image adding. You can also create your own album (see the profile paragraph).

Images from the gallery will be often featured on the site, either through automatic methods like sidebar / forum plugins or manually, by inclusion in articles (with full credit and benefits to the uploader of course)

To access the gallery, checkout the main tab wit the same name.

3. View New Content

You can find it in the top right section, right under the main tabs.

Useful to see what's been added to the site since your last visit or just unread content in total. There are numerous filtering options... you can see forum topics / replies, news articles, gallery images / videos. You can also sort by time period and by your participation in a certain discussion.

4. Your profile

It contains every activity you do on the site: your friends, topics, replies, reputation points and so on. It also has some unique features:
  • you can maintain your own "wall" with status updates visible to everyone and open to comments
  • create albums attached to your profile in which you can upload images (set Member Albums as parent album)
  • set your signature, avatar and all the profile info
  • manage notifications (decide what alerts you should receive and where).
  • send / receive private messages
5. RSS

Stay in sync with the news by following the site through RSS. Alternatively you can stay close to Titan MMO's Twitter and Facebook pages where I post all the news and also extra stuff that doesn't make it to the frontpage.

Useful Links: Rules --- Awards --- Titan FAQ --- Twitter --- Support TF