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Yay Or Nay To Addons

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Yay or Nay to Addons ?

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Hmm well I used add-ons alot in WoW.


For me they fall into 2 distinct types.


1.  Vanity addons.  These add-ons allow you to customise the look and feel of your interface, or provide you with information after the fact.  Good examples of this type of add-on  would include things like Titan panel, which is a customisable strip at the top of your screen which can be adjusted to show things like money/time/location etc.  It has no effect on the game put makes life a little easier.  Raid frame UI's would also fit into this category, as would utility bar mods,  minimap mods etc.  Equally, add-ons like DPS/HPS meters would fall into this category. They only provide information about what has already happened, and allow you to examine your own play style and ability both individually and vs the group.  This type of mod I don't have a problem with at all, and should be encouraged.


2.  Combat enhancement add-ons.  So this is the second genre of mods that are available.  These mods directly affect how you play the game, either by giving you a cue to do something, or directing your play style through instructions.  An example of this type of mod is DBM (Deadly Boss Mods) which is a boss encounter mod that provides you with on screen cool down counters for major boss abilities, as well as flashing warnings and audio alerts for many abilities.  Additionally mods which provide shot/spell/ability rotation instructions, or timers would fall into this genre.  Equally, quest mods which direct you through quests would fall here.  This type of mod directly affects how you play. These mods instruct your game play rather than letting you learn and discover the game for yourself. I am very anti this type of add-on.



I don't believe that the question of add-ons is a simple one.  Some are good and some are bad.  For me personally I want the ability to customise my UI, to get data feedback how and when I want it, and to be able to compare and examine my performance in both solo and raid environments.  I don't however want to be led or instructed by add-ons.  Not only do they spoil the game experience for gamers, but lead to encounters becoming overly complicated in order to combat the effect of mods guiding groups through encounters.  


TLDR = Yay to some.  Nay to others.  


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I personally don't want the addons to be handled like in WoW.

I won't mind a system similar to valve's workshop (people can make items and put them in dota 2 if they are approved) BUT the tool to be for addons only.That way titan will have addons which will become part of the core game but won't be flooded with them,also the game will be improved just like dota 2 is.Only those that are approved by blizzard will be added to the game and they will also update Titan.On top of that the developer of the added addon will get payed for his work.At least that is how vavlve's workshop works


Here is how it should work:

1.You create an addon that meets the submission requirements

2.You publish your addon on the Blizzard's workshop

3.The addon is being reviewed and potentially select it to be added to the game

4.If selected Blizzard contacts the developer to integrate the addon into the game

5.The addon is being tested

6.Blizzard adds the addon to the game and the money from it is split between author and the company.


I like valve's work shop and won't mind if blizzard integrates similar system to Titan specifically for addons.

Also I won't miss dps meters at all.They bring elitist behaviour which i won't miss at all.WoW has so many unnecessary addons that it's mind boggling.



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I voted yay, thinking these won't be users created (unless done like SC2 arcade, not in game). I am interested to see Interactive things like, map making, strategy guide and bestiary, for in game affective use. Also they could use these things, as guild recruiting, monster hunting, and planning big things.