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Titan and monetization - your thoughts?

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Subscriptions are still where the real money is made for MMOs.


True, but right now one of the main problems a new MMO faces is gaining traction and continuing to grow even after 2,3 months from launch. F2P really helps with this, as it makes it more easy for new players to try it out and also play casually anytime they feel like it. And in the end this might also mean more revenue.


This being said, I completely agree with everything else you say when it comes to sub vs f2p. Monthly sub makes perfect sense for MMOs. It supports the constant development of the game and it has a minimal effect on the actual game-play. 


I also think that what Blizzard is doing with WoW right now is pretty much the perfect revenue model, with just one small change. Keep the sub, but make it cheaper, like maybe 9.5$ To boost the revenue, use paid services (like race / look / faction etc) + pure vanity rare-ish sales (in the sense that dont move too many appearence items in the $ shop). It's way more than enough to support development and make a nice buck and it's also fair to the players.

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Except I would say that all of the subscription failures are caused by the same root causes. They are formulaic MMOs copying EQ/WoW that don't put enough thought into the Max-Level content before launching. So people level up, hit cap level, then have little to no content, or its the exact same dailies/BG/dungeon grind they're used to from WoW and grow bored quickly.


This was the major failure of SWTOR: Their one unique feature -- Legacy System -- wasn't released until like 5-6 months after launch. It was designed around leveling alts, but by then everyone had already leveled a bunch of alts. And their content was designed to level through in about 8 days /played. So people hit L50 and their Max level systems were terribly designed and balanced. They also used an engine that was never designed for a massively large game like an MMO with possibly 100s on the screen at once.


You had to convert through like 3 types of PvP currencies just to buy a bag with a 20% chance at a piece of first tier pvp gear. And it was never explained how that system worked anywhere, so you just had to ask around. Same with dailies -- they were on separate planets, took awhile to get to the hubs, took like 90mins each planet to do them. No breadcrumb quests to tell you they existed when you first hit L50. You just had to find out about them. The dungeon system was poorly designed bc you basically had to sit around in the Fleet looking for people to run dungeons with since there was no dungeon matching, etc.


In short -- I have no idea how a bunch of industry veterans with $200 million dollars couldn't have easily foreseen all that crap was poorly conceived and going to bite them in the ass.


If you launch an MMO that has signficant sandbox elements and a well thought out max-level system, it will keep people entertained and busy until the next theme park content patch. Thats how you will keep subs in the future.


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Pretty much. Even if your "level-up" content is crap, but your max-level content is amazing, people will pay and play. It doesn't work the other way around.


Most people I play with don't enjoy leveling up nearly as much as they enjoy max-level. I know I'm not alone when I say I always have an "end-game" plan for my character that I'm playing, even if it never pans out, it's fun just to think about. Just to know the possibilities are there - that you can take your character in any direction you want - is huge.


Also, just plainly having that "unbeatable" game you can play every day and never get bored of and always have that "next quest" or dungeon to complete, is critical when playing an MMO. Knowing that, at max level, my character will just get abandoned in lieu of the next great toon to level up, sucks. It really just kills the whole feel of the game, and strips the game of any "dedicated" feel.




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Whelp. I think it's a safe bet to say RMAH is OFF the table :D

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