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Special Forum Titles

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Deprecated, replaced by User Awards


Another type of reward for those that have meaningful and positive contributions on the forum.

What is it exactly?
As pictured below, it will appear as a blue text under your avatar, with the name of the game inside parenthesis. It's also possible to have more than one special title, in which case they'll be separated by a dash. You can also have more titles of the same type, in which case the number of titles held will be added after the name, inside parenthesis, replacing the name of the game.



Besides the bragging rights, having such a title also gives you access to the Backstage section and promotes you from the Members group to the Contributors one, giving you extra options to customize your profile, your gallery etc.

What are the titles and how does one obtain them?


  • Game Expert - given to those that start and are currently maintaining a Main Thread for a single-player game or an MMO. Multiple main threads = multiple Game Expert titles.
  • eSports Reporter - given to those that start and are currently maintaining at least 2 Main Threads for a player or personality. 4 main threads = 2 eSports Reporter titles and so on.
  • eSports Event Admin - given to a person that takes it upon himself to provide main threads for all the major eSports events from a certain game. If needed, multiple persons can have this title for the same game. If you're in charge of multiple games = multiple titles.
  • Theorycrafter - given to those that have constant and meaningful contributions in the special theorycrafting threads. You can't have more than one title of this type. (obviously not active yet)
  • Guide Manager - given to those that created and are currently maintaining a guide in the Guides section. Multiple guides = multiple Guide Manager titles. (not active yet)
  • Forum Helper - given for other important contributions to the forum content / community. There are no requirements set in stone for this title, it's solely up to the admin / mods. Usually, it will be awarded for creating and maintaining popular threads, no matter the subject.
  • More will be added.

As with everything, looking forward to read what you guys think about this. This feature, as many others, is in its beta stage, so it can still suffer great changes, depending on suggestions I get.


P.S. The names of the titles are not set in stone. If anyone has a better suggestion for one of them, I'm all ears.

Edit #1: added Forum Helper title, made a small change to the way the titles are displayed.

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Since we MMO players tend to like rewards a lot, this is an awesome idea. :D Good work mynsc... errr... Mr. Game Expert mynsc of course!


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Great idea!

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Yeah I'm quite liking this :D As stated above, we love being rewarded and this gives us something to strive for while we wait patiently for our game...

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Loving this. It definately seems like something that will foster community spirit.