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Payment Info

!! No matter the size of your contribution, you will receive in return the Supporter package described below. If the amount you want to give is not available here, send me a message!

  • Bitcoin. The first truly democratic digital currency. If you're already using it, I'd be more than happy if you'd choose this method over the others. After you pay, send me a private message with the contribution amount, so I know which account to upgrade.

  • PayPal. Choose the amount and don't forget to write your member name in the text box before proceeding to the payment page.

Where Does the Money Go

Every contribution goes into maintaining and improving the website. What this means, exactly: web hosting costs, website software renting/buying cost, giveaways / contests, coding or design services, promotion costs (buying ad space) and more.

Supporter Package Rewards

  • No ads on the site, ever, assuming you're logged in :).

  • A shiny supporter badge that will appear under your name when posting on the forums.

  • Access to the Backstage section (not yet active), if you haven't obtained it already through the other methods.

  • You can replace the background of the website with any picture you want. You can find the option in the navigation bar (under the main menu).

  • More freedom for setting your signature: multiple images allowed, with increased dimensions, a very generous number of allowed links / rows, any type of self-promotion accepted. Common sense still applies though, so moderators can and will hide your signature if you abuse this feature (post offensive content, use max number of images each at the max allowed dimensions, etc).

  • Automatically synchronize your TF profile with your Facebook / Twitter one. This includes status importing / exporting, avatar, about me and background pic importing. This option can be found on the My Settings" page.

  • No limit on how many Private Messages you can store and the ability to invite up to 20 people to your Conversations.

  • My gratitude for having faith in this fansite and helping it grow. Really, thank you!