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Titan announcement and release speculation

We don't have much to work with, but with a bit of extrapolating, we can draw some conclusions. First of all, let's talk a bit about the presumed launch date.

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According to the much talked about and as far as we can tell perfectly legit product launch chart, we expect Titan to be released somewhere at the end of 2013. It's a quarter that Blizzard seems to really love, considering that WoW and all it's expansions were launched around this time. Diablo 3 also seems to be heading towards a launch during the winter period. The most notable recent exception is of course Starcraft 2, which appeared at the end of July, but we have to take into consideration that the winter launch spot that year was occupied by Cataclysm.

So I'm thinking it's a relatively safe bet to presume they are indeed aiming for an end of the year launch. There remains the question of what year will they choose. This seems to have a much easier answer.

Since we don't yet know anything about the game, 2012 as the launch year seems absolutely ridiculous. 15 months of pre-launch feedback, marketing and public testing is crazy short for a project of "titanic" proportions like a triple A next-gen MMO. And it's just not Blizzard's way of doing things.

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2014 on the other hand seems way too distant. From what we know, work at the game started somewhere at the end of 2007 / start of 2008. This would mean a 7 year development time, which would put to shame just about every game out there except Duke Nukem Forever. Even for a MMO it is too much, especially for a company with a lot of resources.

The only way I can see a 2014 launch is if there are important delays in the schedule, but even so, they'll probably release it somewhere in the first half of the year.

In conclusion, even if we don't give any importance to the leaked chart, a 4th quarter 2013 release date is the most probable, if development goes according to schedule.

Now for a bit of history.

Diablo 3 was first announced on June 28, 2008 and is expected to be released at the end of the year. This gives us three and a half years between official announcement and launch.

Starcraft 2 was first announced on May 19, 2007 and was released on July 27, 2010. So the announcement - launch window in this case is three years and a bit long.

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If Titan will indeed be launched at the end of 2013, starting from right now, there is a two years and four months window. Already the shortest one of them all!

One reason for this could be preserving WoW's player base. For the same reason that the next WoW expansion is not announced at the launch of the current one, Titan's announcement is probably pushed back a bit in order to keep the focus on their current flagship.

So what can we get out of all of this ? Well, one out of three things:

  • a Titan announcement is imminent, probably at Blizzcon or very close to that date.
  • we're looking at a 4th quarter 2014 launch.
  • Blizzard wants to keep the lid on as long as possible, so even if we're headed for a 4th quarter 2013 launch, we're not going to get any info this year.

In my opinion, the first and third options are by far the most probable. Which of them takes the first spot ? It's hard to tell, but we'll know for sure very soon. Looking forward to hear what you guys think.

The pictures included are from Diablo's artwork gallery.


I feel like it will be the 2nd personally, only time will tell.
The 2nd option has indeed gained some ground since I wrote the article.

I'll probably write a new version in the first months of 2012, if we get more clues.