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My predictions related to Titan's features.

August 15 - Gamescom 2012 summary. Check out the announcements, trailers, interviews and also add your favorite ones, in case I didn't include them.

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Time for some summer fun. I've seen many predictions popping up lately, some completely bonkers, others so safe they're not really predictions, so I decided to try and add some of mine into the mix, hopefully somewhere in the middle of all the existing ones.

Before proceeding, a word of caution: don't take this article too seriously (unless I'll be proven right, in which case feel free to think I knew exactly what I was talking about :D). I realize the danger of expecting too much from Titan and thus being disappointed when it finally becomes real, so keep in mind that this is more wishful thinking than anything else. I think most of these make sense, otherwise I wouldn't mention them, but as always we do not have all the data-set, so Blizzard might easily choose another path and be justified in its decision.

Anyway, let the non-sense begin!

Time Travel everywhere!

I've touched on this in a previous article too, so I won't insist too much. Besides some "whispers" that I can't verify and some weird statements from Blizzard people, I also think it's a feature that makes sense and that Blizzard has enjoyed using in WoW. So why not push it to the next level: make time travel a core mechanic of the game. I think it will happen and I think it will be awesome.

Single-player missions like never before in an MMO.

All the phasing in WoW, the story focus in SW:TOR and even The Secret World's new attempts will be put to shame by what Titan will bring to the table in this area. I believe Titan will be the first MMO that will truly compete with the single-player RPGs when it comes to the complexity and the appeal of the questing system.

One way of doing this might be choosing quality over quantity when it comes to missions. In WoW, I've heard Blizzard people brag many times with the number of new quests they're planning to add. I think in Titan they'll completely ignore this number and focus on providing compelling and immersive experiences in each zone (or time frame), that won't be divided into 50 mini quests, but will flow naturally through the zone (instanced or not).

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Finally, housing.

This one is part of the next prediction, but I wanted to make special mention of it since it has always been a very requested feature in WoW. A feature that was never implemented for no good reasons really (that we know of). Well one of them might be that they're keeping all the housing ideas for Titan. And no matter if that's the case, I really believe we'll get our own house in Blizzard's upcoming MMORPG.

I also think we will be surprised by Blizzard's way of implementing it and it might prove to be a controversial feature, but still quite popular. It all depends on how far they are willing to go and how deep will the housing system be integrated in the other aspects of the game.

Two games in one.

Maybe more than in any other MMORPGs, definitely more than in WoW, the gameplay will be split into two parts: combat and social. More precisely, the social aspect will be a lot more complex than it is in today's big MMORPGs so it will finally be able to truly compete with the action-packed section and provide players a real alternative.

I say this because, if you think about it, it's one of the best ways to attract as many players as possible (which is an objective stated clearly by folks from Blizzard) and also because to me it seems like a natural way to go for a next-gen MMO.

I think the social part of the game will not only be a bit of a mini-Sims game, with the above-mentioned housing system and who knows what other character specific options, but will also contain, dare I dream, a macro-social aspect, with maybe player-driven factions and even a hierarchical society-like system.

Realms 2.0

Let's face it, the current system of realms as "islands", connected only through tiny, shaky, wooden bridges is far from ideal. It exists only because of technical limitations that developers had to face 10+ years ago.

On the other hand, while technology has greatly evolved in the last years, it's still not possible to truly have a single realm for your game. Especially when you're Blizzard and you want at least a couple of millions of players to enter your new world.

Even leaving technology aside, it's just not feasible for a game world to sustain so many players at once. I mean, look at EVE, the game universe is basically an entire freakin' galaxy, yet if you go in certain stations (Jita) at rush hour, you'll encounter an over-crowded space that's mostly ruled by chaos. Real world thinking does not apply in MMOs when it comes to crowds. If you place 50.000 people on a stadium in real life, you get a nice crowd enjoying a sports event. If you do the same thing in an MMO, you get a mess so huge, it will probably haunt you for the rest of your developer days.

Anyway, my point is that the realm system definitely needs a new design but it really isn't as easy as just placing everyone on a single realm and letting them deal with it.

The people behind Guild Wars 2 have understood this and have placed great attention into rethinking the realm ecosystem. I think Blizzard will go even further. I can't say what exactly they'll do, but I think they'll get some ideas from WoW (battlegroups, cross-realm zones, cross-realm dungeons) and some from other games (channels, a ton of optimization for large crowds like EVE's Time Warp) and bring a new realm system that will complement Titan's game-play.

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No Real Money Auction House.

I've written on this before so I won't repeat myself too much. I think Titan will be monetized through a virtual store and in-game ads (besides the original game purchase of course) and the closest we'll get to a real-money economy is through vanity items sold in-game after being bought with real money from the virtual store.

I mean, just imagine how powerful vanity items will be if the social aspect of the game will be complex and will include being able to own and manage your own house, maybe even store and also progress without necessarily going into combat every day. Joking a bit, some vanity items might actually become OP!

Modern Combat.

This one is pretty obvious. I doubt anyone thinks that this next-gen MMO will have mechanics like "first select then attack" or will make you store on your bars 30, 40, 50 skills that you'll probably end-up not even using.

Combat will be fast-paced, eye-catching and natural, without the restrictions currently present in most old-fashioned MMOs. In this way, it will resemble what goes on in modern first person shooters. You'll probably have a 3rd person perspective though and your skills and gear will be able to progress in time and you'll be heavily immersed in a storyline while fighting, so we're still talking about an RPG here, just with FPS influences when it comes to the combat.

Don't expect a revolution.

Even IF it will have all these features I mentioned above, I'm expecting some of them to be a bit toned-down, at first at least. Blizzard has its way of doing games and that is innovation in small steps and mostly through polish.

We won't have brand new, never seen before ideas in Titan (not many at least), but we might realize that all these "old" ones have never been put together this way in a single game. Especially not in a high budget AAA one.

Ok, that's about it from me. I think I'm being a bit too optimistic and maybe I should've included some bad predictions too (although it's terribly hard to be pessimistic about a game you don't yet know, coming from a developer you love), but I'll leave that for another time maybe.

Looking forward to reading what you guys think: how wrong am I, what are your own predictions (good or bad) or anything else you want to add to the discussion. Keep in mind that I'll absolutely revisit this article later on, when we'll know what we're dealing with, so this is your chance to gain some street cred in the future. Or, you know, look like a fool. :D


I've always thought that housing was interesting, but it was never truly functional. In every MMO I played where there was housing, it was a trophy room. It was also laggy. EQ2/EVE were the worst. SW:G wasn't so bad with lag, but the mechanics were laughable*.

Regarding Time as a mechanism.
So I could be any science-y type through the ages? Early age shaman->mage->tinkerer->scientist->futuristic synthoid.

I do wonder if time is THE progression. You start out in the fantasy realm, work through the ages to end up in futuristic. Or maybe you could spend your whole time in one time-frame, but if you wanted to help a buddy finish a quest in sci-fi, boom! in a different time.

Massive realms, real-time or fast-action, and time travel. Too much to make happen, even for Blizzard. I'll be all over it if they can pull it off though.


One thing about Jita in EVE. There's a reason that the it became the de facto trading center**. Blizzard would be foolish, and they have been before, to assume that people will spread out across the ages(?). People congregate for trading, social, meeting/organizing, reaping more rewards than going individually. Much of a MMO is empty. Having server shards or realms may have helped with load balancing, but people will still congregate within a given area. I have never had a smooth user and/or server experience in these areas. Considering WoW/D3 launch, I also think that Blizzard may do an OK to good job, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

*Among the SW:G housing insanity, I once put a statue in a room thinking it would fit in beside a chair and a table. The statue promptly filled the entire room and was clipped on the sides. I tried to interact with the UI to put the statue back in my inventory, but no matter where I put my cursor I couldn't hit the sweet spot to interact with the statue. I could leave the room, but upon reentering, I could only interact with smaller items. Ultimately I had to clear out all the items in the room in order to create a path. Of course, my inventory was maxed out and that required dumping my inventory somewhere as well. After about 2 hours, I cleared out the room and was luckily able to interact with the statue from a different place in the room. This was about par for the course in SW:G.

**Caldari Ravens are/were best mission runners particularly for noobs, there was a high concentration of Caldari Navy mission agents originally, it was close to low sec and you could jump into null sec with JC 5.)

Regarding Time as a mechanism.
So I could be any science-y type through the ages? Early age shaman->mage->tinkerer->scientist->futuristic synthoid.

I do wonder if time is THE progression. You start out in the fantasy realm, work through the ages to end up in futuristic. Or maybe you could spend your whole time in one time-frame, but if you wanted to help a buddy finish a quest in sci-fi, boom! in a different time.

I'm thinking it will be more like every player starts and basically lives in the same time period (probably near-future), but travels to different times to do missions and such.

And about housing, I completely share your sentiments. It's a feature very hard to get right and this is why I think it will be very controversial, if it will appear in Titan.
Nice predictions and I agree with pretty much everything you said here, I think they will probably make the zones or single player element more interesting with an remarkably good AI system to control zone events as well as NPCs more importantly. This is one of their secret weapons on making this MMO stick out IMO, most other mainstream AIs in recent MMOs has been pretty silly and can be improved upon.
I think it would be safe to say that if Blizzard did decide to implement some sort of social housing mechanic, they would do it right. If its one thing ive noticed in the PC gaming industry is that Blizzard know what they are doing and they would rather scrap something if it doesnt jump up and over their very high level of expectations and degree of polish they demand from all their Games.

I honestly cant wait to see what they come up with and our best bet for an announcement would be Blizzcon 2013.
I think the game will go after a different approach to it's item system to accommodate it heavy emphasis on the social side of things. We have received hints that suggest you will be able to play the game combat free if you so desire. So here is my prediction (Disclaimer: Mynsc, you submitted a post a couple days ago that shares many elements of my prediction. I originally wasn't going to post this, as it looks like I stole the idea from you. However I been think about this for a couple weeks and would like to put my idea out there.)

First off, I think the item system will have to have a strong tie in with the social system. I believe that the start of the game will only have relatively base equipment available to all players and no NPC weapon smiths, armor smiths, alchemists, etc. That role is to be filled by actual players. Let's just look at this from a weapons smith POV as this would get very lengthily otherwise. When you start off in Titan, you have several options. You can start adventuring or partake in many other opportunities. I decided that I would like to forge weapons, so I pick the catigory of weapons I would like to train in, let's say heavy artillery, and become an apprentice for a local shop. The jobs would include learning how to craft and enhance and gathering materials to start making better equipment. The jobs portion would more or less be a training session (to raise my heavy artillery skill) and way to earn some money rather than this long drawn out grindy adventure. Now hold this thought as I have to explain the next part before we can continue. 

Rather than finding weapons and money on wild beasts you kill as an adventurer, you can collect items that you might actually find on these creatures, pelts, poisons, scales, etc...  You would also be able to collect materials from around the environment such as flowers, mine gems and ores, or even collect artifacts. What do you do with all these materials? You send them to a universal  vendor that can be accessed by the artisans to bid on these materials.

Now, as my heavy artillery weapon smith, I take that money I earned as an apprentice and buy some metals and gun powder. I use the materials to craft a gatling gun and some ammunition. But then I see someone posted a new type of powered and a "glowing ooze" or something. I buy both and craft some stronger ammo and, by reforging my Gatling gun with the glowing ooze, enhance the damage of the weapon. I have also created the first enhanced weapon of the game! I post my ammos and enhanced gatling gun through the same universal vendor I got my materials from so the adventures can upgrade their equipment and the smith will hopefully make profit from my material costs. This creates a constant need between the weapon smith and the adventurer. 

This same approach would apply to all trades. This includes armor and equipment, consumables, furniture and items for your house, maybe even technology (like GPS that would enhance your mini-map), and I think that city defenses should fall to the players to create. Also, I don't think materials will only have a limited supply, but they will start to become scarce. And equipment and other items can be broken down into raw materials, but not for 100% of what it took to make them. These two things will cause resource wars between fractions, and as Mynsc said in another post, unlimited endgame! 

I know this idea is pretty extreme and I don't think we will see a full implementation of it, but I do think it will be there to some degree. Bliz knows that it cannot have a WoW 2.0 and raiding for the most powerful items is the "old way" of doing things. They will have to come up with something else and I believe this idea has a shot.  
Sarnakyle, you'll be hearing from my (imaginary) lawyers.

Nah but seriously, this flow of products and materials you're describing should be (and in some cases already is) at the base of any serious sandbox. I deliberately didn't touch on the crafting subject in my predictions because I'm not sure if Blizzard will indeed go this far. I'm really glad you mentioned it though! Hope you'll be proven right. :D
Well, this post certainly won't be groundbreaking for one simple reason, Mynsc, I basically more-or-less agree with everything you wrote in the article. Wall of text ahead.

However, there is always a however, a couple of things. I am still unsure about the housing. I know people have demanded it for years and undoubtedly it would be an excellent way of making the virtual world of MMO that much more realistic and closer to heart of its players but I just don't know how they could possibly integrate it. MMOs have somewhat unpredictable population as well as population surges that don't typically occur in the real world not mention that it nigh impossible to actually predict what number of people will be playing the game. So, Blizzard just building a set number of houses seems to be out of the picture. Maybe they could place the players in an instanced zone but that tends to kill the immersion especially if the housing is, as one might expect, inside major cities of factions. But on the other hand there is no way they create a city large enough to house that many players. Also, it would likely create a feeling of isolation if you only see your own house it might not feel like you are part of the greater world which would remain probably, this is all conjecture of course, the same. They can't place all the players in a same instance of the housing but splitting them would create additional problems. One perhaps interesting wasy to deal with this would be to incorporate Sarnakyle's idea. If only players could build player houses that would create an interesting dynamic and could potentially recreate real world housing market. That does come with it's own set of problems. Which would be that would recreate many of the problems of the real world in a virtual world. Does anyone really want to have some guy in a game to tell them that he/she is too poor (of in-game currency) so that they can't afford house in some more exclusive place in the city, closer to the ruler's house, or closer to the market. That would probably be too much of real world for what is still essentially a game. Granted, MMOs are games that attempt to create a virtual world that is every bit and more interesting and expansive than real world.

@Sarnakyle. I agree, that sounds really interesting and would probably be amazing if included. Forming a strong economy that resambles real-world one in a virtual world that is entirely ran by players with devs only making sure that things are going smoothly is something I've always wanted for WoW. I know there is Eve Online but that is too much like real world work for me. And I am not big fan of Eve's corporation system. Though because of it's player run economy Eve has had some absolutely amazing happenings like when Guiding Hands Club worked their way up the (virtual) corporate ladder untill their man was vice-president and assassinated the president of one of the most powerful corporations in the game and then stole virtual goods in valued at 17,000 real world (US) dollars. I don't play Eve, never have, but it's things like that make me (kind of) whish I do. And I think that Titan would benefit greatly from giving greater freedom in creation of the universe's economy to the players. Making players of the game both suppliers and buyers would be amazing. However, as I notes before, there is always a however and/or but(t). Biggest issue with that is, can we do it. Or, more accurately, is there enough of players who are willing to be suppliers. Biggest issue with that kind of system is if for example, being a blacksmith is boring and most players want to go out and adventure. That is really a question for devs, can they make every single role interesting that there would be enough players willing to fulfill that role. If adventuring, which is standard MMO/RPG occupation, lets you explore the world, kill bosses, get amazing storylines etc, whereas, if you choose to be a blacksmith, you are stuck in a single city/town and are essentially grinding for supplies every day, then, number one, you are not playing a game but working, and two, that's boring to majority of people. Of course, this is just an example, but it certainly, I think, illustrates issues with making players both the suppliers and buyers. If the devs don't make both roles, and all the roles within those to roles, equally fun and balanced, economy and potentially game is ruined. I don't that will happen, I do trust Blizzard to make an amazing game but even they can make mistakes (cynics would say especially them, ActiBli$$ and all that), so they have to be very careful. Another issue is, how would players experience the game/world's storyline if they are essentially tied to their profession? They have to make the professions much more mobile than, for example, real world jobs are, and, I think, by necessity, have to include at least some adventuring in any case. Or did you mean a more advanced and improved version of WoW's profession system where stuff you make with your profession aids you in your adventuring? In which case I great deal of this paragraph is pointless.

Now, as lot of people seem to be posting their theories, Why not Zoidberg? Okay, I apoligise for that. Anyways, quickly moving on. I also firmly believe that the game will have time travel component and that time travel will be a crucial aspect of the gameplay. As a sidenote, I made a temporary name for Titan, TimeCraft. © me . It fits Blizzard's standard naming scheme and fits the (highly theoretical) time travel component. Anyway, onwards. This theory came from an observation on WoW I made. Which is, for as much as WoW's history evolves and political map changes, technology never seems to change whatsoever. Technology in modern (if we can call it that) Azeroth is hardly different from technology that was available before Third War, or before the Second War or before the First War, or, if someone from Azeroth went back in time to War of the Ancients unless I am badly mistaken, technology is more or less the same as it is today. As a another sidenote, I used this as a way of proving my theory, however, I wanted to use this chance to express my annoyance at Knaack for retconning the entire bloody War of the Ancients. It was pretty complicated before and all, but then he sent his band of warriors to the past completely changed the history. So, now there are two versions of the war, the old one and the new one, which makes it so much more complicated than it needs to be. Furthemore, apperantly Night Elves that we have today in Azeroth aren't the same Night Elves that we led in WC3. There is branching timeline that current Azeroth is in or whatnot. So, Night Elves went from being race of amazonian warrior women to the current tree huggers, and I mean that in the best sense possible, I like Night Elves. This is derailing me considerably. Anyway, overall technology never seems to change in Azeroth. So, why not, and this is my theory, have a world where technology changes quite a bit and due to time travel we are there to see it change and direct it if need be. Practically in gameplay terms, I envisioned (which sounds pretentious, I know) Civilization or Age of Empires type of gameplay, not in a sense that it is TBS/RTS, but in a sense that it is divided into time periods, which would be at the core of the gameplay. Game would set in a fantasy universe, different from WoW, maybe low fantasy as opposed to WoW's high fantasy, but one that would be divided into eras that would coincide with Europe's timeline. So, the eras would be Prehistory, Ancient, Medieval (which would be classic fantasy era), Renessaince, Industrial, Modern (where Technologically would be equivalent of modern Eart but in fantasy world) and Future (which would be Sci-FI in fantasy world, magic and lasers). Maybe more eras, probably less, seeing as there might be too many. Eras would be completely divided from each other, they would be on seperate servers. They could balance it so that players start in Prehistory and then go through eras where eras would be regions in other MMOs or from Future to Prehistory, or free choice because player characters will most likely be time travelers. But in the end game there should be complete freedom to go to any of these. One of the biggest draws of this would be, from lore-standpoint, observing the development of this fantasy world from undeveloped Prehistory to a situation where they have cities and sci-fi technology as well as all positive and negative consequences. Gameplay-wise the quests in prehistory would be most open and least linear with numerous possiblities and player actions. In that sense it would be somewhat like Elder Scrolls series where, obviously for example, there might be pack of dragons on a mountain and player might get a quest to go kill them from one faction, or to try to get them over for another factions or the player might just decide to help dragons destroy one of the factions (provided the player has completed some pre-req quest to be able to speak draconic) or he might just give them food. And then in future era those dragons could perhaps form a city and even country that would be basically like a modern country with modern technology and those same dragons had evolved into significantly smaller humanoids that is one of the major factions in that version of the future. In general, earlier in history era is, the more unchanging and constant the setting, so, for example in Prehistory, same NPCs will always be at the same places, same factions will always rule the same areas, etc, however, at the same time, the less linear and quests also have as many as possible solutions. And then, all quests and major actions in past affect all the future eras. And more future the era is, so, for example, the Future era, has fully linear quests that can only be solved with one way, however, there are more versions of the era. So, there could be thousands of instanced, partially proceduraly generated party pre-made by the devs versions of the Future era, and any other later era though less so, that is made from players actions. So, future could be one day/week/whatevere they set before the next change, highly technologically developed world with several super-powers, other time it could be post-apocalyptic world depending on players action in previous eras, or hundreds/thousands other versions. There are multiple benefits to this, for one thing, it means that Titan won't have the same problem that WoW has had in its transition from RTS to MMOPRG great deal of lore has been, and continues to be, "destroyed". WoW lore didn't transition well and there is understanding that in many cases gameplay trumps lore and that, as far as lore is concerned, everything seen in game has to be taken with a grain of salt. Time travel, regardless of accuracy of theory, solves this problem with elegance that even mathematicians would envy. Another thing that this solves is the "theme-park-ness" of WoW and the increadible linearity of WoW's questing experience. Doing quests in a zone once, twice is okay, but when you are leveling through that same zone for the fifth or sixth time, lore-nerd or not, questing is boring. This way questing in the earlier eras wouldn't be boring because the quests would be completely non-linear and they wouldn't be boring in the latter eras because of the increasing number of versions of future and their diversity. And, yes, that is basically that.

And I just saw that I've been writing this comment for two bloody hours, I started around 17:50 and now it is 19:50 where I live. Wow. I think this might be my record.
Great post! Never seen that idea before, thanks for sharing it :)
Very good work, mynsc. I totally agree with your expectations. I think Titan will focus on social gaming aspects (including housing) because that's what an MMO is about - it's about meeting new people, playing together and stuff.

I'm not really sure about the FPS part though. Blizzard wants its games to run on a wide range of computers, that's for sure. And I believe that there are many people outside who don't have a good internet connection. And as you may know - a bad ping in fast-paced FPS games may make you a worse player. In WoW the ping's not that important when it comes to competitve gameplay IMHO. I think FPS gameplay in single-player combat would work out well - but I don't know if FPS multiplayer would fit into Blizzard's "reaching the masses" philosophy.

On the other hand side... It would be Blizzard's first FPS which would make sens... MAN, I'm exited! :D I'd prefer some turn-based combat, but I doubt that this type of combat is going to be implemented.
Ok, cleared my schedule, turned off my phone, time to read your comment. :D

On the housing problem, I agree with what you're saying, that's exactly why I said it's going to be a controversial feature, if it will be added. There are some options though that could fix some of the issues. One way to do it is make houses extremely hard to get / build. It would tie with Sarnakyle's idea. Imagine the mechano-hog or Vial of Sands in WoW. This way they could afford keeping them inside the actual world and not instance them. Not a huge fan of the idea, but could work.

Another way is to make only guild houses. This way one building would be home to 10, 20, 100 players, depending on the size of the guild. Inside it, among other common sections, there could be an instanced one where each member could hold his stuff etc. It's still not an ideal option, but it's something that can be built on.

Also, like I've heard recently about a game (not sure which one), they could allow houses to be built in the air too :D This way they'd suddenly have A LOT more space for them. It would be kind of chaotic though hehe.

I don't know, if I could think of 3 options, I'm sure Blizzard could come up with at least 10 more, so we might be surprised when it comes to their approach on this. Or, you know, they could just leave housing out of the game. :D

Totally agree with you when it comes to the 2nd paragraph, about the crafting / economical side. I don't think it would be a big problem though. Supply and demand always fix themselves out (for example if supply were small, because of a lack of people gathering, then the prices would blow up and then people would immediately be interested in this job as it would make them rich). Plus, it has worked in EVE, where the entire universe is highly dependent on miners and even scientists and it hasn't been a huge problem.

And about your theory, mind blown... :D It sounds absolutely crazy and awesome, unfortunately I think it would be almost impossible to manage and maintain, especially when it comes to the consequences of the past on the future. I don't see Blizzard going for something this complicated. We would enjoy it, probably many others too, but the vast majority would be scared of this I think.

Anyway, was a pleasure reading your post. :)

Thanks. :)

About the FPS thing, keep in mind that the ping problem didn't keep Blizzard from making Diablo 3 online-only. :D If they're willing to do it to an originally single-player game, why not do it for an MMO too?

As Mynsc has said, contrary to popular belief the vast majority of people that play FPS' and MMO's have a pretty good internet connection, having a current day PC build is another story.

The reason Blizzard has such a wide wide audience is not only because their Games usually have "something for everyone" but their Graphical Demands are quite low compared to other games of the same Genres.

Although clients internet connection uptime may vary for different reasons, their speed will still be quite sufficient to allow communication between the Client and Server.

Think of the latest CoD games for example, it is not a very internet speed demanding game, the reason people have issues when they have high Pings is because the Game Engine is old, its Quake old (the IW Engine is a dirivative of the Quake Engine) and therefore it uses an unreliable Packet Transfer Protocol UDP, which likes to lose Packets every so often.

Saying all that i dont see your Internet Connection being such a major issue with Blizzards Next Gen MMO, the Technology they will be using to ensure that the Game Runs smooth hopefully will keep you worrying about getting that Next Epic piece of Gear, not whether or not your going to Drop Out when you find that Gear :p

As epic as your Ideas on the Time Travel Theory is, i dont think Blizzard will take it that far, just like Mynsc, i think the vast majority especially casual players who wont realise the depth of the game they are even playing in will just be confused and probably a little intimidated by such a Dynamic Change you propose. They may even be so intimidated as to stop playing, but that may be a little to far :)
Put me down as a believer in some sort of TimeCraft, though less complicated than the one described by Dendarang. I suspect there will be different epochs, and your actions in each one will affect your future selves in following epochs. Maybe success in say, the 1600s, will give your 2050 self more money, more land, or even a special item of some kind. The following quote from here (http://titanfocus.in...lues-so-far-r26) might support that theory.

In this new MMO, each player would have two "lives": the first one is a sort of Sims Online, a giant hub of social interaction and the possibility of connecting with his second life. One which will consist of first person combat.

When he says, "a possibility of connecting with his second life," perhaps he's not talking about the first person combat life (which would obviously be connected, right?) but about the upcoming life in a future epoch. This could easily be a misreading, but since the quote is a translation from French, who knows?

Another reason I think this kind of epoch-based structure is much more likely than time travel is because bringing a machine gun back to 500BC would cause all sorts of trouble. No one wants their Greek phalanx mowed down by some high level jerk who is already up to the 1900s. Then, again, maybe Titan's time travel follows Terminator rules, and you can't bring anything back with you!

While reading these comments and the op I came up with some awesome ideas,if it seems like I took your idea I probably did sorry, its just a mash up of ideas i saw but would make for an awesome game.


First off i think two warring factions one technology and one magic would be an amazing idea.


Two have them compete throughout history for dominance, almost like a faction wide tech-tree have them competing for resources and the such to further the path and unlock new spells/technology.


Three have super customizable "classes".


So i'm going to to try and explain this as best i can:


It would start with players in pre-history as someone previously mentioned, your character would be the same as all other starting characters but as you level you you can choose what primary stat you wish to focus on, I'll just say the three main one for simplicity since I can't come up with decent progression for them all - intelligence, strength, dexterity.


Intelligence -  Int based guys would start progressing towards basic spells perhaps like a magic missile of sorts or for technology based creating traps or refining ingredients into cures and the like. as you progress further the magic faction would get spells of increasing power like fly, fireball, icewall things of that nature. The technology faction would be creating stronger potions perhaps basic bombs or crossbows. By the end you would end up with highmages/scientists but with a huge range of types, arcano/pyro/hydro/veno/necromancer or any combination where scientists could be riding in robots or tanks or planes.


Strength - Str guys would take longer to begin to differ more as the faction began to change, so the magic faction warriors would perhaps get divine favor increasing their potential beyond that of a technological warrior but the tech warrior would have superior metals to work with and sturdier manufacturing, eventually you would have brutes perhaps demonically empowered taking bullets to the face as the charge into the fray ripping off limbs left and right or decapitating enemies with vorpal blades, the tech warriors on the other hand would be genetic supersoldiers dualwielding rocket launchers and chucking grenades.


Dexterity - Dex chars gave me more problems, the best i can come up with would be a rogue/scout type of thing. The rogue from the magic faction would be able to blend into shadows hiding from sight and reappearing to strike at the most opportune moment the scout would be lightning fast able to zip around the battlefield jamming his swords into whatever was foolish enough to get in his sights. By the end you would have a rogue wielding either melee or ranged weapons criting often and powerfully darting in and out of sight, poisoning and blinding. The scout on the other hand would use snipers, smgs or pistols either taking the long range route being less elusive and manuverable for high burst damage, long range shots or going up close blasting away with a pistol in one hand and maybe some sort of energy blade in the other slashing and firing away.


You could also combine traits maybe you have a shadow mage, almost impossible to get to due to speed and elusiveness while flinging spells but not as powerful of a straight mage and not quite as sneaky as the rogue, and maybe a cyborg as a cross between a scientist and a techwarrior.


In order to progress you would need materials, here we could have the pre-history guys fighting over the same resource at first lumber and stone, then it would go up to metals copper and silver but around this time there would also be some other infuences, maybe the magic faction will want quicksilver no use to the tech guys you might say why would they want that well there could be time-travelers or aliens in the area and they want their technology bad so they battle there too competing for the same space would create conflict amongst the factions while giving a reasonable reason for them to both be there, maybe the tech guys want plutonium or oil well there is a dimensional rift there and demons are pouring out time to get some demonic grimoires or something. There could also be "friendlies" maybe a celestial being angry that the techs are digging up the earth and they want it stopped so they will give you power in exchange for stopping them or aliens want some alchemists fire to study and theres a cache of it in the magics control they will give you tech in exchange for the fire. That could also be a way to implement PvP.


For the actual progression more so than the resource gathering described in the above paragraph it would be on an individual and a faction wide level. I'm envisioning three "guilds" per faction (int,str,dex respectively) There would be options and tiers, many many tiers. you have two choices lets say, gather water or fire elemental essences after X amount of one or the other the tier would lock the bonuses would be granted and the progression would continue. Say you're faction took fire so maybe it unlocks fireblast for everyone in the faction but you really wanted tidal wave or something, well you could always return to that area and make a pact with a powerful water elemental who in exchange for doing some task would give you the spell. The same would go for the tech tree maybe your choices are getting a new type of shotgun or a new genetic enhancement perhaps a mutation that gives you a tail with a blade or something you could always go back and acquire the tail blade if the shotgun was the direction your faction went in. So you could easily follow your faction tech path to the letter or you could go out and achieve your own tech path, Imagine being one of 10 necromancers on a server predominately paladins, it would be amazing however it would be an absolute nightmare for balance.


The other idea I thought of would be something along the lines of the first except each guild would be broken down into subgroups there could be snipers, pistols, smgs, genetic mods or many other paths in each guild you could go down.


The benefits to something like this would be pretty clear massive customization, progression, skill system(though to be honest I can't come up with a good implementation of how to use the skills system, there would be so many bindings to cast all the spells a mage could use but a guy in a tank needs how many? so I am at a loss there) and it might seem like its all a grind but with so many paths it would vary so wildly with each new tier and character and it would be easy to throw quests in with the collect X main quest or little mini bosses who drop tons of X.


Downsides would be it would be awful to balance and the tier system would need some way to reset itself for new characters but retain the old path for existing characters. Perhaps anyone created that month or week would be in their own path but same faction, so your high sorcerer with mainly fire spells would be different from your apprentice sorcerer with demonic powers or something similar.


View it as you will but they would eventually be very similar, a genetic mutant would look and even play in some situations very similar to a demonically influenced character. A mage riding a dragon with raw magic canons would be similar to a plane with missiles and a gattling gun, and a sniper would be similar to a rogue with an enchanted bow. I think it makes a cool parallel to technology becomes so advanced it looks like magic and magic becomes so advanced it looks like technology but some might not.


NOTE: not based on any proof other than what i gleamed off of comments and the op which was already speculation. Take with a massive grain of salt.