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How relevant is the codename, Titan, to the actual game? [speculation]

Oct 13 2012 10:17 AM | Eremite in Opinions

Activision Blizzard To Release Q3 2012 Results On November 7 - Preview & live-report thread.

Small but important note before going into the actual article. This is the first of hopefully many front-page posts written not by me but by the r...

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My predictions related to Titan's features.

Aug 11 2012 04:35 PM | mynsc in Opinions

August 15 - Gamescom 2012 summary. Check out the announcements, trailers, interviews and also add your favorite ones, in case I didn't include them.

Time for some summer fun. I've seen many predictions popping up lately, some completely bonk...

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Real Money Auction House in Titan [speculation]

Jan 05 2012 04:26 PM | mynsc in Opinions

While keeping my ear to the ground for anything Titan related, I stumble upon a lot of articles / forum posts which conclude that Diablo's Real Money Auction House, if it will be a success, will surely be implemented in Blizzard's upcoming next-...

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