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Titan jobs update

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Really quick (for realz) post about an interesting trend I've noticed on Blizzard's Jobs Directory page, in the Next-Gen MMO section. As I've said before, right now it's the main official source of info we have, so of course I've been keeping a very close eye on it.

First observation would be that, despite Blizzard's recent staff firings, the number of available jobs for Titan has only been growing, culminating with the addition of three new positions this past week, right around the time of the announcement. This is a very good sign and it really doesn't give any breathing room to crazy doomsday theories.

The second thing I've noticed is a certain pattern in the recently added jobs. For example, here are the last three additions, the ones that really drew my attention: 3D Artist, Environment Artist, Level Designer. The names might not give it away at first, but they are all world-building positions, as clearly shown by the job descriptions:

Level Designer

Blizzard Entertainment is looking for a level designer with experience building indoor and outdoor levels in a massively multiplayer online game.

Environment Artist

The environment visual designer is responsible for assembling gameplay spaces into dynamic, visually interesting set pieces. With respect to the integrity of the game-play, this role may be tasked with populating spaces with relevant assets, integrating lighting passes, and contributing to the overall mood and atmosphere of the world.

3D Artist

The ideal candidate has experience with organic modeling and texturing terrain assets.

This is a really exciting thing for me, because it shows that finally, Titan is very close or has already entered the production stage. This tells us that most of the critical tools are done, there is enough concept art to work with and that we have definitely passed the point of no return. :) The game is not only starting to take real shape, but it's entering mass production mode, in which its implemented world is going to grow at a much faster rate than before. Rob Pardo did mention this at last year's Blizzcon, but it is nice to see actual confirmation (as much as we can get at least, given the secrecy).

Of course, such positions have been added to the jobs directory before, but never in such high concentration. For reference, the other two jobs added in the last several weeks are: Associate Character Implementation Artist and Technical Artist (Rigger). Again, both jobs are related to the production process.

In conclusion, to quote some people on the D3 forums / subreddits, "sign of release?" :D Of course not, but definitely a sign that work is advancing at a good pace. And that's really all we can hope right now!


Nice to see that Titan is indeed going into full production. Positions like that are for sure sign of production.

And like you said, that means that the tools are in place.

Whether or not they showcase next year is yet to see but they will definetely have something for next year even if they won't show it off.
Could this titan project be set in present day? Maybe it's the long time rumored Harry Potter wizard mmo? Any thoughts?
Set in present day? Sure, why not, it's possible, although hints point toward a near-future setting.

Harry Potter wizard mmo? Definitely not, unless everything we know about the game is wrong and Blizzard has lost its mind. :rolleyes: