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Small Teasers Coming from an ex-Blizzard GM via Reddit.

Jun 06 2013 02:11 PM | mynsc in Rumors / Leaks

Image source: B.NET SC2  
In what seems to have become a common event, another ex-Blizzard GM went on Reddit to answer the questions of anyone interested in asking.
Verification wise, he provided a pic of h...

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Project Titan "reset", Delayed Until 2016

May 29 2013 01:35 AM | mynsc in Rumors / Leaks

 Looks like the rumor mill is churning again, and this time the news is not good. According to Venture Beat, "a source familiar with the matter" has informed them that development on Titan has been slowed down severely, with 70 of the 1...

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Project Titan info leak: eSports, Jay Wilson, Blizzcon 2013 and more!

Apr 02 2013 03:26 PM | mynsc in Rumors / Leaks

OK, here we go. I've been sitting on this info for more than a week, not only to do my absolute best to verify it, but also because I didn't want to publish the article before or during the April Fools craze. :) So let's begin!

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