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Jobs update, Jason Hayes returns to Blizzard

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Job Directory update

I was starting to get a bit worried in the last few weeks, as there hadn't been a new job posting since around the end of April. This inactivity does not necessarily mean anything, as there are plenty other sources of recruiting, such as in-house staff transfers or direct negotiating, but nonetheless it's not something good either.

Well, things are back in gear again (although a very low one), as just several days ago a new position has been added, that of Design Department Manager. I don't have any meaningful thoughts concerning it, except that it's good to know that there is actually a design team that needs managed. :D If you guys have something to add, leave it in the comments and I'll update the article.

Jason Hayes makes a comeback

Huge thanks to the anonymous visitor that sent me this tip through the contact form. I really appreciate it. And you guys will too!

According to a forum thread started by JH himself, he has returned to Blizzard, after working for quite a few years at Carbine Studios, on their recently announced Wildstar MMO and then at Valve, on DOTA2. Who is Jason Hayes I hear some of you asking? Well, let's check his (a bit out-dated) bio:


A multiple award-winning composer, Jason Hayes is best known for his long-standing relationship with Blizzard Entertainment. You can hear his music in all of Blizzard's recent games set in the popular worlds of StarCraft, Diablo and WarCraft. Most recently, he was the lead composer on World of WarCraft. Among other contributions, his specialty has been to write the musical score for the widely acclaimed short animated movies produced by the Blizzard Film Department. In this context, he's won the Game Audio Network Guild (G.A.N.G.) award for “Best Cinematic / Cut-scene Audio” two years in a row.

Quite impressive, especially if we also take into consideration his most recent projects, Wildstar and DOTA2. But don't take words as proof, stay a while and listen to a few samples, taken from his website:

Warcraft III - A Call To Arms


World of Warcraft - Legends


As you can see from his short forum message, he does not state where exactly he'll fit in at Blizzard and what game he'll be working on, but considering the state of Blizzard's current in-development projects, Titan seems like a good bet! And as my anonymous tipster suggested, if he'd be working on a known Blizzard game, like WoW, Diablo or Starcraft, he'd probably mention this straight away.

The reason I've sat on this news for a few days, besides the fact that I was extremely busy, was because I was hoping to get more info out of this announcement, before letting him know we're on to him. Evil, I know. :) Unfortunately, his most recent login is the one in which he made the announcement and I couldn't find more info from other sources (LinkedIn, Twitter etc).

You can be sure I'll update this article if there will be any new developments.


Hayes wrote some of the best tracks to WoW (classic) so I'm really happy to see him return!
Well, this is certainly awesome news. From what I've heard in the samples and by simple fact that WoW does have an amazing soundtrack, he will definately be a great addition to Titan team. I was getting a bit worried from the lack of any Titan news internet-wide, so this is at least something to sink our teeth into while we are waiting for that reveal.

Though, he seems to be latest in a long line of vanilla WoW developers that are working on Titan. If I'm not wrong, the core of Titan's team is made of vanilla WoW developers. Considering they are the ones who made now legendary WoW that is still played seven years later, and that these devs now have access to latest and greatest technology, I don't think we should worry about Titan. "Broad appeal" means that the game will appeal to many people, that should include hardcore players. Besides, Blizzard game that doesn't appeal to hardcores is an unthinkable thing. While I haven't seen any skepticism here, there are a lot of people who seem to think that Titan will be some form of Farmville. But, yeah, back to the topic at hand, he is sure to be a great addition to the team.

Blizzard going back to its roots with Titan, definitely a motto that I like and hope to be true. :D
Anonymous tipster, eh? Maybe someone at Bliz has found this site and it's leaking info.... Lol

Anyway it was nice to get this quick sprinkle of information in the middle of the Titan drought. Thanks for this mynsc :) 
@mynsc This is unrelated to this post, but, do you have any plans on making a Titan wiki tied to this site that users and few (hypothetical) future mods could edit. That would be usefull simply because Titan is bound to be a massive game and keeping track of everything, from all the new lore for a whole new universe to all the gameplay elements and then just world elements etc. Is quite daunting, so a wiki, especially one that would be tied to this site would be pretty amazing.

On the other hand, Titan is most likely going to be extremely well covered by other sites, and either the likes of wowhead or mmo-champion are going to cover it, or there will be new sites that will have extensive coverage everything Titan related, so I could see how you might want to just leave it and not even bother to compete with them, and just use their databases for any info about Titan.

Second thing I was curius about, and as far as I am aware this is unknown so I apologise if you've already answered, once we learn Titan's real name will this site remain named "titanfocus" or will it change to reflect whatever Titan's true name is? It's fine with me either way, but I'm just curious.

Second thing I was curious about, and as far as I am aware this is unknown so I apologise if you've already answered, once we learn Titan's real name will this site remain named "titanfocus" or will it change to reflect whatever Titan's true name is?

Easy question first. Yes, of course the name will change. Buying a new domain and redirecting all traffic to it isn't hard, if no ugly surprises pop-up during the process.

do you have any plans on making a Titan wiki tied to this site that users and few (hypothetical) future mods could edit.

It's something that I haven't decided yet. I've written down all the pros and cons I can't think of and the pros outweigh the cons, but at the same time implementing it is a huge task that would divert a lot of my effort from the actual site. Not to mention that I'd need to find early-on 2,3,4 capable mods that I could trust to promote it, maintain it, etc.

So I guess a more clear answer would be yes, it's something I'm very tempted to do, but not until the site / community gets a bit of momentum and critical weight. When I consider that point reached, I'll bring it up to you guys, we'll talk it out and decide what we shall do. A wiki needs team effort, so I won't do it if there won't be people willing and capable to help out. They might not even have to do it for free, but that's also something that will be discussed then and maybe even after the project will start (if it will).
Thank you for your answer and I apologise for the lateness of mine. I have no problems with the name changing, it will just feel kind of weird to have an actual name to pin to Titan instead of just Titan. This has resparked my curiousity of what the real name will be, will it follow the naming conventions of Warcraft and StarCraft, or will it be something more like Diablo, or will they completely break the convention and go for two/three/or more word name the likes "The Elder Scrolls" or "Kingdoms of Amalur". Anyway, thank you for the information. As for wiki, I am glad to hear you have plans because I do think this site can grow to be a major community and information depository built around Titan. As for wiki, I wouldn't mind helping with the wiki, for free, when we finally get some real info on Titan. I have few more questions, but I don't want to be noisy or annoying, so I'll leave them for more appropraite time.
I'd be happy to answer any questions you have. I usually do it through private messages, but you can also make a thread in the feedback section.
I love the WoW - Legends. Gives me the chills every time. I imagine the login screen and the good times I had in WoW.

For all I care, they can just take WoW - Legends and add it to Titans login screen :)
This is indeed awesome news. I listen to his music all the time. Especially Elwynn Forest and Dun Morogh. It's clear that they are trying to recreate the feeling vanilla wow gave us,just in a different setting.