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Forget the FPS rumors, Titan = MMORPG

May 12: Update #3 (at the end of the article)

In a chart presented to investors (and everyone else listening in) during the Q1 2012 Results Conference Call, Titan was described as an upcoming "new MMORPG". This is the first official mention that we know of in which Titan's genre is defined so precisely.

Update #1:
Here's another MMORPG mention (last row)

Update #2:
I guess the FPS rumors were going a bit too far and maybe the Brink / Splash Damage one was the last straw, so Blizzard decided to squash them all by finally giving a clear label to its still unannounced project. It's a very small reveal that fixes a lot of misinformation, so I think it's a very good move by them.

Of course, the other option is that they threw the MMORPG tag into the presentation from habit, without thinking too much at it, but I trust that it's not what happened.

Were the FPS rumors completely false? Hard to tell yet. I think they might have had some truth to them, in the sense that even as an RPG, Titan might be extremely action oriented, ditching the old system of tab-targeting and focusing more on shooter-like aiming. It would certainly be the natural way to go with a brand new, next-gen MMORPG.

Update #3:
A small clarification on the "a new free to play game" line from the first picture. I've seen on other forums that it confused some people and many even thought that this was Titan. Truthfully, it confused me too a bit, since I couldn't help wonder why didn't they just say Blizzard DOTA, like in the past.

Well, here's the answer: Blizzard and Valve have settled their DOTA dispute. From now on, Valve basically holds the rights on DOTA and Blizzard's new MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game will be called Blizzard All-Stars. A more fitting name, considering its design.

The new name wasn't mentioned in the Conference Call probably because they hadn't made the announcement yet, so they just decided to go with the more ambiguous "new free to play game" tag. Mistery solved. :)


Nice work, dude. :) Well... look at Fallout! Every Fallout game is a RPG at its core. Fallout 3 includes a lot of FPS elements and it can still be described as a RPG.

I'm really looking forward to play a Blizzard MMORPG with FPS elements! :D

I'm not getting to crazy about this conference call. But I think that we'll get some official details on Titan soon... SOOOOOOOOON... ™
Rumors were not wrong.

Blizzard is working on BOTH a new free to play game (Titan, probably) AND a new MMORPG. :-)
@Azareus The free game is Blizzard DOTA :p
Noooo now I need to check my info! Damn! :-D
I'd be EXTREMELY surprised if the free to play game referenced is not DOTA and even more surprised if the new MMORPG mentioned is not Titan. Anything else doesn't really make sense. Titan has been mentioned as an MMO countless times by Blizzard employees. If the new MMORPG is something different, then basically Blizzard right now would be working on 2 MMOs at the same time, while still having WoW active. That would actually be insane of them. :D
I can't say this doesn't make me happy. Titan needs to rewrite the rule book on MMORPG, and I didn't think making it FPS was the trick. It's not origanal enough. We don't want a game that is comparable to others. I have no idea what this could be or how it can be achieved but tha job is up to the 90+ dev's working on the project.

I was pleasently surprised that there was a slight but of news that is almost certainly related to Titan. I figured it was gonna be zip, zilch, noda and it does make me wonder how soon we will start getting info on Titan. However that is emotion speaking and logic tells me otherwise.

Anyway great work to mynsc for listning to and documenting the call! You are enabling me to be lazy and I thank you for that :D

Titan needs to rewrite the rule book on MMORPG, and I didn't think making it FPS was the trick. It's not origanal enough. We don't want a game that is comparable to others. [...]

I absolutely agree. Titan HAS to be different. It has to offer something (whatever that "something" might be) that we haven't seen so far in (MMO) gaming.

I'd be disappointed if Titan was "just" another generic MMO with a different setting and a new type of combat.

Blizzard always refers Titan as their NEXT-GEN MMO. And IMHO a title may call itself "next-gen" only if it revolutionzies its genre. And I really hope that Titan does so.

Man, I think I'm getting a bit too excited about Titan. Maybe I should lower my expectations to make sure I won't be disappointed when Titan will finally be revealed. :D