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Getting ready for Blizzcon

Blizzcon is less than 3 days away and even if there will be no official Titan announcement, it's damn hard not to be on the edge of your seat. It's shaping up to be the biggest event since it first started in 2005, judging by the number of people attending and especially the number and magnitude of potential announcements.

As a quick summary, we're expecting to have a certain WoW expansion confirmed, with a juicy list of main features quickly following. Then we have Diablo 3, where there's the possibility of a release date, a shiny new trailer and other goodies like more beta announcements and tons of game-related details. But wait, it's not all. There's the second part of the Starcraft 2 trilogy that is just now starting to be really unveiled. Expect a more detailed look at the campaign and also generous multiplayer reveals (like full pictures and features of the 3 units teased in the last days). Oh and there's also a small thing called Blizzard DOTA...All this (and who knows what more) packed inside just 2 days! Crazy!Anyway, if you're one of the lucky bastards going to the event, I hate you and you should probably check THIS out if you haven't already. If you're stuck at home like me, then please do read on for a run-down of everything you need to know in order to enjoy the show from distance. A small virtual Blizzcon survival guide if you want.

 First of all, there's the official Live Stream *EU version* (the opening ceremony and most of the tournaments will be free, while the rest of the event together with the HD version will only be accessible through a Virtual Ticket). It's THE way of watching everything that will happen during the convention and it's arguably better than being there, when it comes to seeing everything that takes place on the stages. The ticket also brings extra benefits that you can find here.If you've gone ahead and bought one, then you'll probably be looking for a schedule of everything, already adjusted to your timezone. You can also find an IRC channel there, in case you want to discuss with others everything that's happening. Ohh and don't forget the very handy free mobile App that has all this info and more.


Additional Info:

  • general info on the Starcraft 2 and World of Warcraft tournaments and most importantly, what players / teams will be participating (WoW - SC2).
  • the official Blizzcon twitter account... probably a good idea to keep it close during the event.
  • after you buy your Virtual Ticket, you might still get the same menus / buttons asking you to order it. This is normal, don't worry. To make sure you have indeed bought it, you can follow the "place order" procedure again, at which point you should get an error saying the maximum number of tickets is one / account.
  • Update #2 the livestreams (US - EU) are up! Right now they're broadcasting Blizzcon 2010 stuff, but it's a great occasion to try out your PC / browser / connection in order to avoid nasty surprises on friday.
  • more will be added if anything worth mentioning comes up.
  • As for the Titan side of things, you can be sure I'll keep a very close eye on everything and as soon as we get anything new, it will get posted here. I find it hard to believe they won't give ANY info on Titan... their lock might be tight, but this... is... Blizzcoooooon. :D Stay tuned!