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ProjectBlackstone.com becomes active, looks to be related to Starcraft 2

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There's been a lot of speculation as to what exactly Blizzard's Project Blackstone is since the name was first discovered a couple of months ago. We considered many possibilities, but it seems none of them was close to the truth.


The previously inactive projectblackstone.com domain is now pointing towards SC2's Battle.net page.

The only real content on it right now is a modified logo of the Terran faction. The rest of the website is password protected and attempting to guess the code too many times gives you an appropriate warning:


Project Blackstone

Please note: Attempting to access secure Dominion networks without proper authorization is considered a hostile act. Further incorrect access attempts will earn a commensurate response.


That's all we know so far, but I have to say I'm very intrigued, even if any possibility of a connection with Titan has completely evaporated. As a personal thought, my bet right now is on a pre-launch ARG (Alternate Reality Game). Stay tuned for updates!

Update #1: As DevilsD pointed out in the comments, in the source code of the page there's a weird and long code that apparently should have been removed before code deployment. I'm sure that some poor, overworked and under-paid Terran software engineer will pay with his life for this.


Update #2: The access code is Y7_$0>0k_3<$m


Update #3: Looks like the main characters involved with Project Blackstone have twitter accounts: https://twitter.com/RedellQuinton/following


Update #4: The story seems to be set to evolve at a weekly rate, at least for now. I'm guessing that as we get closer to the launch of Heart of the Swarm, the pace will pick-up. Since this doesn't seem to be a Titan-related project, I won't continue to update this article, but you can follow the story on the forums, where TF member Templar is keeping a close eye on the event.

This is a bit off-topic for TitanFocus, but since I reported on the first sighting of this name, a follow-up is appropriate.  


d8888bL d8888bL .d88bL 88 d88888 .o88bL d888888b
88 8D 88 8D .8P Y8L 8P 88 d8P Y8 88
88oodD' 88oobY' 88 88 88 88oooo 8P 88
88 88 88 `8b d8' Y8 88 88 Y8b d8 88
88 88 YD `Y88P' Y888' Y88888 `Y88P' YP

d8888L db .d8b. .o88b. db dD .d8888. d888888b .d88b. d8b db d8888
88 `8D 88 d8' `8b d8P Y8 88 ,8P' 88' YP 88 .8P Y8. 888o 88 88'
88oooY' 88 88 88 8P 88,8P `8bo. 88 88 88 88V8o 88 88
88 8b 88 88TTT88 8b 88`8b `Y88b 88 88 88 88 V8o88 88TTT
88 8D 88booo. 88 88 Y8b d8 88 `88. db 8D 88 `8b d8' 88 V888 88.
Y8888P' Y88888P YP YP `Y88P' YP YD `8888Y' YP `Y88P' VP V8P Y8888

### ============================================================================


### ============================================================================



That comment Block is in the Source Code, im going to see what i can make of that interesting block of data in the middle.


Nice find, id say it might have something to do with Blizzard All-Stars??

The decryption key is "BLACKSTONE" and the password is "Y7_$0>0k_3<$m" if anyone wants to look around. :)

The decryption key is "BLACKSTONE" and the password is "Y7_$0>0k_3<$m" if anyone wants to look around. :)


Guess someone already found it then :p

_Director of Research Encryption and Text Analysis: Cameron Dayton


_Further Text Analysis: Matt Burns, Robert Brooks, Micah Whipple, Cate Gary, Evelyn Fredericksen, Micky Neilson


_Xeno-imaging: Mr. Jack


An interesting List. Cam Dayton is a Blizzard Writter and the rest are a mix and match of the PR Team and other Writers (Micah Whipple is Bashiok).

The site has been active for what? 5 or so hours? And it's already cracked? Lol. Blizz need better security.


Personally, I think it's an ARG as the characters' twitter accounts are basically rping.


BTW, I'm not (as) ill anymore so I can get back to stalking the forums :D

Well I'm glad we got that out of the way :D


It's awesome to see that Blizzard is doing more with SC2 than just the multiplayer part. It's great to see more lore and story surrounding the game which will bring in a lot more players to SC2.


And also nice to see that when they register a domain for actual usage and not just defensive purposes they indeed launch the site close to the date they register it as I was mentioning a while back:



Now let the waiting for next domain/trademark registers begin :D

BTW, I have created a thread where I have basically picked apart the information provided on ProjectBlackstone.com. http://titanfocus.in...kstone-cracked/


I will be updating it as more information is made available..

Damn, this is so bad ass...

The code was handed out by SteelSeries' Facebook page, btw. It wasn't a 'secret'. :)


First post, btw. Woo!

  1. @grygoire was projectblackstone site that went live part of "heading for last hours" and "teasers, trailers peed trousers" or is that Titan?


@IamPapaz Titan.



so if GGrygoire is not a troll, i was totally right. lol.