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News Round-up: What Titan Actually Was, How Much it Cost Blizzard, Why it was Reset and What's Next!

Sep 24 2014 07:22 PM | mynsc in News

!!! Take part in deciding TF's new direction & game.
Blizzard may not have offered any details yesterday in their cancellation announcement, however this seem to have triggered quite the news surge. Never thought I'd have the ch...

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Titan Officially Announced as Cancelled. Dealing with the Unanswered Questions.

Sep 23 2014 11:40 PM | mynsc in News

Nota Bene
Make sure to check the previous articles as well, for more info on Blizzard's current unannounced projects and also for a bit of meta discussion on the future of TitanFocus.   ================================  
We all kn...

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Titan, Overwatch, New Unannounced Game - Making Sense of Them All

Apr 24 2014 08:30 PM | mynsc in News

Last updated - 25.04.2014
It is very hard to solve the puzzle created from Blizzard's current unannounced project(s), however this is exactly what this article will be attempting. Please keep in mind that it is meant to be an ongoing...

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