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MMO Round-Up 30.06.2013 - Destiny, SWTOR, DarkFall, Tic-Tac-Toe & more!

General News

Final Fantasy XI [The still very popular and profitable 10+ years old MMO is on track for receiving two new updates this summer, one in July and one in August.] - Official Site



The July version update with usher in another chapter in Seekers of Adoulin upon its light breezes, along with the Mog Garden system and access to the Celennia Memorial Library. Adventurers raring to mash their maces into fresh flesh and wave their wands at weighty foes can enjoy their encounters with two new Naakuals, and those who pine for frontiers of a more internal sort can undertake the geomancer and rune fencer limit break quests.

The dog days of August should heat up even further with a continuation of the Seekers of Adoulin saga. Should your main weapon hand start to itch in excitement, sate its thirst for blood by crossing into new extra-dimensional skirmishes!
Geomancers and rune fencers will also get the opportunity to embark upon quests in search of artifact equipment. Let us not forget the addition of Monstrosity, which will provide for all your shapeshifting needs. As a last burst of air from the bellows, the coalitions will be dispensing new outfits to particularly devoted pioneers...for a bit of bayld.


Star Wars: The Old Republic [Turns out you don't have to be popular or profitable to get some summer updates. ^^ Update 2.3 for SW:TOR is ready for testing! Check the link for full patch notes and also for closer looks on each new feature.] - Darth Hater

CZ-198, a new Level 55 Daily mission area, is now available! CZ-198 is a small, private moon where Czerka Corporation’s most secret and dangerous data, research and technology is stored. The facility has recently entered an emergency security lockdown, and both the Empire and the Republic have descended on the moon in order to seize control. Details under Missions
New Level 55 Flashpoint: Czerka Corporate Labs! Infiltrate Czerka’s corporate headquarters on CZ-198 and take down Rasmus Blys, the Czerka scientist responsible for developing the company’s most dangerous weaponry. Details under Flashpoints


DarkFall [New content patch - new ships, new crafting skill to make the new ships, changes to AI respawn rates and many other fixes. One of them is probably something you'll only find in Darkfall:] - Official Forum

Player Requested : You can now gank using a bow or a staff. (so you don't need to switch weapons)

Upcoming / Beta

Destiny [New Bungie mail sack! Tons of interesting questions and answers. If not very informing, they're at least very entertaining.] - Bungie.net

How does Destiny appeal to people who want to play the game completely single player?
If you want to cut a bright line through Destiny that takes you through the heart of its central story arc, you’ll be well taken care of.  Staten and his stable of incredible writers are focused on ensuring Destiny’s narrative is filled with memorable characters, indelible, cinematic moments, and heart-pounding, blockbuster adventures.

Will Destiny have guns?

Tom Gioconda, Engineer


Is the constant flood of Destiny questions irritating, since you cannot reveal too much right now?
Not as irritating as when we couldn’t even tell you the name of the game despite everyone knowing it due to the leaks.
[i]Tom Gioconda, Engineer[/i]

I simply wanted to know any form of estimate for the size of the open world, or worlds.
We’ve seen a lot of people label Destiny an “open world” game. For the same reasons we’re cautious about all of the “MMO” attribution, we want to be careful here, as well. Destiny is a big, beautiful action game with ongoing adventures that span our solar system. There are worlds to explore, mysteries to uncover, enemy motivations to understand, and long forgotten treasures to unearth. First and foremost, we’re building an action game. Destiny is a First Person Shooter.


EverQuest: Next (SOE Live) [The complete panel schedule for SOE Live has been released and it looks like Friday, August 2nd, 11AM is when we'll have to forget about everything else and tune in to the EQN reveal!] - ZAM + Full Schedule

Those interested in EverQuest Next should make sure to attend the unveiling of the game during the Friday, August 2 morning keynote address. This takes place from 11am-1pm in the celebrity ballroom of the host hotel, Planet Hollywood. Several EverQuest Next panels are peppered throughout the day on Friday, Saturday, and even one on Sunday.


Final Fantasy XIV [A short but insightful first-look at the FF XIV beta, from a source I've learned to trust.] - Keen and Graev

I love how I have already felt lost.  I was trying to find out where a quest wanted me to go, and it took me several minutes to get myself oriented with the map.  Not that finding quests is hard once you figure things out, it’s just slightly more effort that I can personally appreciate.  Navigating the world has been a lot of fun so far.  I’m loving the terrain and environments, and so far the game runs beautifully on my 3.5 year old PC.

Guides / Tips / Giveaways

 7 Ways to Instill Life into Your Guild’s Forums [And also, you definitely need a random banter + video / pic dump threads. The TF forum wouldn't be the same without the second. ^^] - World of Matticus

Raid Attendance threads
Guild picture thread
Strategies thread
What’s your job title thread
Post your system specs thread
Patch discussion thread
Embedded chat room

Videos / Pics

source: The Gotham Dweller

Opinions / Interviews

 Top 5 Reasons for the Demise of World PvP [very good list!] - TenTonHammer

Back in the days when World of Warcraft was shiny and new, players everywhere took part in a bloody sport called World PvP. This sport could happen almost anywhere in the world, although there were many preferred locations. There were no real rewards for this, except for the glory, the honor, and the thrill of gathering up some companions and going and ganking one of the other faction's cities or towns.
However, as the game has aged, World PvP has almost died out. Most World of Warcraft veterans will talk fondly of it and occasionally a group of die hard players will gather to assault a city, however, it seems the days of World PvP are numbered.


 Battlefield: Boredom [You could say that she does not really enjoy the 5.3 daillies. ^^ Does she have a point?] - TreeHealsGoWoosh

I found that the mobs hit a fresh 90 pretty darn hard, but I stuck with it because the initial questline eventually rewards a pair of 502 boots.  In an irony that is not uncommon for WoW in this expansion, the only characters who need the loot provided by this quest (or by the random enchant Kor’kron items) are those who are relatively undergeared; and relatively undergeared characters are the only ones who are going to have difficulty getting through this questline.
Worse still, many of the zone objective actively discourage cooperation.  I really like the idea of the commanders and caravans, which remind me somewhat of the rifts and zone invasions in Rift that add a random and exciting element to what might be a slow-moving leveling experience.  In that sense, I hope Blizzard will continue to experiment with these zone events in the future – but with a different implementation.


 Smurfs, or, "Ethical issues caused by tiny blue people." [how and why "smurfs" appear and what can games do to reduce this rather dubious player choice] - Out of Beta

Eventually the players at the higher end of the Gaussian found, for various reasons, that they occasionally wanted to dive back into the middle. Perhaps they wanted to be able to mingle like celebrities would; unrecognized. Perhaps they DO want those ROFLstomp games again. The reasons are many. And so "Smurf" accounts were born.
The problem is, this practice is essentially circumventing the purpose of these ELO systems; and in its barest state is technically an exploit.

Game Design

 Episode Development [A step-by-step explanation of how episodic story content is done in Star Trek Online] - STO Dev Blog

Step 3: The Pitch
After the pod is told what’s important for a given episode, they are given time to put a pitch together. When building a pitch, the artist and designer talk through the episode bullets and figure out how they’d like to tell that story. They might add side-plots or embellishments, or just stick to the key elements, depending on how difficult they think it will be to convey a given idea.
The pitch itself generally contains maps that detail moment-to-moment gameplay, including critter locations, puzzles and any general things to click, talk to, or fight. The pitch is made to the Leads and Executive Producer and feedback is taken into account. If there are significant changes required, the pod will go back to the drawing board (as much as necessary) and then re-pitch. When everyone is happy with it (as was often the case after the initial pitch), the pod will go off and start working on the whitebox process.

Misc / Off-Topic

HL3 + Futurama [There's been a recent flurry of rumors and speculation that Valve was starting a weird HL3 teasing campaign. As always it ended up being nothing. HL fans, I feel for you and this video perfectly describes what they've been going through. Get ready to weep.]


 Google Building Android Game Console [Just what we need, another console! Right? Also, the article implies that Apple might be looking to get in on the action as well. People will soon be needing bigger living rooms, just to be able to fit all the consoles, because ofc exclusive games will drive many to buy each and every one of them. Or, you know, just get a PC. :D] - WSJ

Google Inc. is developing a videogame console and wristwatch powered by its Android operating system, according to people familiar with the matter, as the Internet company seeks to spread the software beyond smartphones and tablets.
The people briefed on the matter said Google is reacting in part to expectations that rival Apple will launch a videogame console as part of its next Apple TV product release.


 Tic-Tac-Toe-Ception [I did not spend 2 hours on this silly game, nope, sure didn't...] - Khan Academy

Tic-tac-toe-ception is a 2-player computer game played on a game board comprising nine tic-tac-toe games set out in nine mini-squares within a 3x3 greater-square.  Thus, there are 81 cells, arranged in nine 3x3 mini-squares within a greater square.
The objective of this game is to be the first to win three tic-tac-toe games lying in a row, column, or diagonal within the greater-square.

Community Pulse


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Stream Highlight: Hafu - Ex WoW and Bloodline Champions pro, now streaming LoL full-time. She's at a high level so expect to see quality games
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Smurfs, mwuahaha! Taking back what is rightfully ours, invading your ELO systems and ROFLSTOMPING all!

Smurfs, mwuahaha! Taking back what is rightfully ours, invading your ELO systems and ROFLSTOMPING all!

Death to the smurfs! :D

What a weird way to do battlefield Barrens O_O I guess the person is on the dead realm.