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TitanFocus is Dead; Long Live TitanFocus!

Update 23.09.2014 

In news that's not really news (see our previous articles, including this one which is written more than 2 months ago), Blizzard officially announced the cancellation of Titan. Check the Polygon article for all the quotes. I'll look through them and come back with some comments if I find anything interesting.




I've started this website approximately 3 years and 3 months ago (time sure flies!), with the goal of covering Blizzard's upcoming "next-gen MMO". As a gamer focused mainly on MMOs and a wannabe web dev / syadmin, it was an ideal part-time hobby.
Well, it still very much is, however a small problem occurred meanwhile. The game went missing.
As mentioned in the previous article, all signs point to the fact that Blizzard is no longer looking at developing a grand-scale MMO, at least not in the immediate future. Not even a small-scale MMO, although they definitely seem to be focusing on smaller scale games, as both Overwatch and the other unknown project (Metal Arms?) are rumored to be projects similar to Hearthstone when it comes to time / resource investment.
While I'm still very much interested in Blizzard's upcoming projects, the company behind a game does not matter that much to me, as long as the project sounds interesting. Not to mention that I'm not a huge fan of Blizzard's latest developments regarding their 3 big franchises, or in the case of Starcraft, the lack of any developments (shots fired).
 New Direction
Taking the above into account, I'm officially looking for a new MMO to sink my teeth in and focus on. If Overwatch somehow will fit the bill when announced this year, then great! If not, no problem, I'm sure something else will come up. Tips and suggestions are always appreciated regarding this. The criteria for this new game would be the following:

  • MMO or highly multiplayer-focused game.
  • New Franchise.
  • Freshly announced, however not vaporware. Titan was enough tyvm.


Until we find this new magical game, the website will be in a transitional period. What this means exactly:

  • Getting ready for the release of IPB4. This is the software the website is based on and it is about to receive a major upgrade. I've already moved the website onto a more robust and better maintained server, however once the software is upgraded I'm also planning a major redesign. ETA for this is until the end of the year, depending on when IPB4 launches (the devs are almost worse than Blizzard when it comes to sticking to deadlines).
  • While still keeping an eye out for any relevant Titan news, unless anything spectacular pops up, nothing of this sort will probably get posted. You may see articles regarding post-Titan conclusions, new MMOs, or other MMO related content. As always though, anything goes on the forums.
  • The Twitter feed will become much more active, regarding MMO and gaming news. It will also be the easiest way to stay up-to-date with any website developments, so do follow if you are interested in what's next for TF or just hand-picked MMO news.

This transitional period also means that I'm even more open to suggestions than usual, no matter how crazy. Drop me an email, a private message or just leave a comment if you have any on your mind.


I think the decision should be made after blizzcon just in case they announce Overwatch. This is assuming it's a heavily multiplayer game.


Beyond this, I think it would be cool if TF became a portal/newsource/discussion forum focused on multiple sandbox MMOs.