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Run your own Blog on TitanFocus

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Hi everyone. This will be just a quick site-related announcement.

I've just activated the Blogs section of the site (you can access it through the tab in the main navigation bar above or just by typing http://titanfocus.info/blogs).

Basically it's a place where any registered member can start his very own blog. You are completely in charge of it and you can customize pretty much anything you want, from looks to functionality. You'll have your own RSS feed and if you want you can also link your Gallery albums to it.

Other features include the ability for multiple members to share the same blog and easy importing of external blogs / RSS feeds (in case you already have a blog but want to share it here too). People will be able to leave comments and rate any articles that appear in this new section.

Also worth mentioning is that I've opened the commenting system to everyone, not just registered members. Hopefully the spam won't be too bad but even if so, we'll find ways to deal with it. :) This doesn't apply to the main News section of the site... just to the member blogs.

As an added incentive, interesting blog entries will be featured on the main page as often as possible. 99% of the time only Titan-related articles will be chosen, but I definitely won't ignore exceptional content, no matter the topic.

This being said, even if you have total freedom in choosing your content, it is important to keep in mind that the same rules apply as for the forums and they will be enforced without any hesitation.

I've already created my own personal blog and I'll use it to write random thoughts about other games / MMOs besides Titan. You're more than welcome to follow it since, for now at least, it will probably be more active than this main News page. :)

If you have ANY questions about this new section or need help with setting up your blog, don't hesitate to contact me through email or a private message here on the site. Thanks and I hope you'll enjoy this new feature!


Blogging is blogging.. classic at any level and occasion :)