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Community Round-Up [Abathur edition]

The frontpage has been suffering lately because of a severe lack of new Titan info, but we are definitely not dead. Actually, the forum is more active than ever! I figured I should let everyone know this by starting a Community Round-Up column. It will be somewhere between a weekly and monthly feature, depending on the level of activity.


Also, to (hopefully) make things less boring, and in celebration of the recent Heart of the Swarm launch that brought with itself an awesome campaign with an equally awesome character named Abathur, I figured I should try to write this with a different "voice". Abathur's. (more videos - mild spoilers) To those that haven't yet played the HotS campaign, I can say that there are no spoilers in the text below and also that I'm very sorry for how weird this will sound. To those that have played the HotS campaign, also sorry for how weird this will sound.  :D



TITAN sequence
Positive forum mutation detected. Multiple Titan rumor strands morphed into a single topic. Improves level of knowledge in the community swarm. Less confusion. Mutation successfully replicated on the wiki.
New speculation sub-sequences related to Titan entity. Plausibility, unclear. Must research further.
What is your Titan? - Bulleted list with max 5 bullets!
Titan entity as constructed by Swarm members. Unrealistic but intriguing. Enjoy style. Clear.
Unexpected but positive mutation. Led to reduction in number of Rumor strands. Improves clarity of Titan entity, reduces complexity. Complexity bad for speculation process.
Euphoric - First Titan Fan Fiction!  ||  Longum Iter - fanfiction
Irrelevant in understanding Titan entity, but side-effects extremely beneficial. Evolves swarm. Lateral thinking. Dedication. 
Feral community member identified. Holds interesting essence. Must try to assimilate, would make Swarm stronger. 
Ancient topic continues evolving. Now prime specimen of the forum entity. Expected.
WIKI sequence
[Project] Titan team members
Initiated new evolution process. Study Titan entity, with focus on Developer Team strand. Swarm contribution needed.
Progress so far:
NameRoleMoved to Project TitanPrevious experience
Jeffrey KaplanLead Designer, Game DirectorFebruary 2009World of Warcraft + TBC and WotLK expansions
Rob PardoChief Creative OfficerFrom the very start (2006 - 2007)WoW, Warcraft, Diablo 3
Lee SparksSenior Game ProducerMarch 2013WoW (all expansions), Warcraft, D2 and SC1 patches
John LaFleur Lead Engine ProgrammerAugust 2006WoW, SC: Ghost, MechWarrior 2
Kenny CarvalhoAssociate Character Art ManagerJuly 2011  -  
Brian FarrSenior Sound Designer  -  SC2, WoW, Warcraft 3, Diablo 2
David ClydeSenior Software EngineerAugust 2009Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, Rise of Legends, Catan
Entire process map: Titan Team members. Key pieces missing, needed to understand entire strand.
OFFTOPIC sequence
Rapidly expanding. Probable causes: lack of Titan entity info, increase in number of swarm members.
Includes irrelevant topics. No effect on main evolutionary path. Strange positive effect on Swarm members. Will allow it.
Analyzed previous topics. Identified increased potential. Weaved it. Spun it. Result satisfactory. New topic type highly beneficial to Swarm members.
Unique forum feature. Gaining popularity. Pleased. Must encourage additional swarm members to contribute. Effect highly beneficial. Provides structure.  Additional data.
Titan entity creators involved in distinct project. Equally mysterious. Will study further. Speculation from Swarm members encouraged. Might identify universal patterns, applicable to Titan entity.
Titan Overlord Rob Pardo also involved in project. Twitter medium used to transmit information. Trendy.

META sequence

Critical component. Must constantly improve to keep up with Swarm necessities.
Alternative communication process proposed. Suitable alternative to psychic control. Not as efficient with no Overmind. Democracy highly flawed as an evolutionary structure.
Allows for better integration of external information sources. Could lead to more structured content. Further mutations to be expected.
Reward process improved. Higher motivation. Stronger Swarm.


<3 Abathur. Thanks Blizzard for the awesome game.


Emotion detected. Love. Implications unclear. Must study further.

Amazing Round-Up. The Titan Focus community is strong and alive indeed. I'm looking forward to all these round-ups! I have not played HotS yet, but I still enjoyed the voice of Abathur.


All bow down to Abathur Mynsc.

Holy Hamsters rock, Squirrels suck! I almost got a heart attack. I was watching MLG stream and just F5 my browser at TitanFocus and suddenly I saw the Kerrigan pick immidiately thinking "Titan confirmed to be SC spin off"....


Man, the day Titan is announced my body must be ready!

Holy Hamsters rock, Squirrels suck! I almost got a heart attack. I was watching MLG stream and just F5 my browser at TitanFocus and suddenly I saw the Kerrigan pick immidiately thinking "Titan confirmed to be SC spin off"....


Unintended consequence. Would apologize, but terran life finite and minuscule. Heart attack irrelevant.

Message... received.

^^^^ everything about this is hysterical, I love you guys XD

I totally read it all in Abathur's voice... funny part is - without even noticing until the end :D :D

^^^^ everything about this is hysterical, I love you guys XD


Disparate strands spun into single thread.  More effectual. Increase in efficiency. Will weave into Swarm communication systems.    

Integration of Round up strand. Perfect. Potential de-evolution of future strands.