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TitanFocus is Dead; Long Live TitanFocus!

Aug 06 2014 09:55 PM | mynsc in Meta - Website, Community

Update 23.09.2014 
In news that's not really news (see our previous articles, including this one which is written more than 2 months ago), Blizzard officially announced the cancellation of Titan. Check the Polygon article for all the quotes....

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Community Round-Up [Abathur edition]

Mar 16 2013 11:05 PM | mynsc in Meta - Website, Community

The frontpage has been suffering lately because of a severe lack of new Titan info, but we are definitely not dead. Actually, the forum is more active than ever! I figured I should let everyone know this by starting a Community Round-Up colum...

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State of the Website: 2012 Recap - 2013 Outlook.

Dec 29 2012 08:09 PM | mynsc in Meta - Website, Community

  Since everything is quiet on the Titan front, it's time for one of those cheesy meta posts. While the big news we're all waiting for hasn't arrived in 2012, this has nonetheless been an extremely interesting and dare I say awesome year for Tita...

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