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News Round-up: What Titan Actually Was, How Much it Cost Blizzard, Why it was Reset and What's Next!

Sep 24 2014 07:22 PM | mynsc in News

Blizzard may not have offered any details yesterday in their cancellation announcement, however this seem to have triggered quite the news surge. Never thought I'd have the chance to do an actual news round-up for Titan, on a non-Blizzcon day!
For a quick summary on the official cancellation announcement, in video form, see just below (or if you like walls of text, see my previous article). However the meaty parts come right after this clip, starting with an actually believable and consistent leak!


Here's What Titan Actually Was  [Kotaku seems to have multiple sources confirming some of Titan's main features, which makes this one of the most trustworthy "leaks" we ever had on the game] - Kotaku

For starters, according to three people I spoke with, it would have taken place on a near-future version of Earth, in a science-fiction depiction of the world where mankind has successfully fought off an alien invasion. Players would join one of three factions waging a cold war over control of the planet, and zones planned for the game ranged from the west coast of the United States to Europe, South America, and Australia, according to a source. Blizzard's plan was to make the game world huge, and to keep adding areas with expansions in the years after launch.

The main concept was this: you, the player, would maintain a mundane job—butchering, engineering, entrepreneurship—during the day, while waging clandestine warfare against opposing factions at night (or between work hours). 

Players would be able to select from classes with names like Reaper, Jumper, Titan, Ranger, and Juggernaut, each of which had its own special combat abilities and items, according to a source. Jumpers, for example, would be agile scouts with a teleport ability and the ability to quickly leap in and out of combat. Titans were tanks, while Rangers were snipers with cloaking and other abilities (think Nova from StarCraft II and the ill-fated StarCraft Ghost).

All of the people who described the game to me made a lot of Team Fortress comparisons both in terms of aesthetics and gameplay. ... Your perspective would switch between first- and third-person based on whether you were heading into combat or hanging out in a city, 

Not only would players have been able to run their own businesses and shops, according to one source, they could maintain relationships with non-player customers and retail staff, even starting families thanks to a complicated AI system that Blizzard hoped to implement. (One source told me that Blizzard had hired a number of former Maxis staff who worked on The Sims in order to help put all this together.)
The goal, according to one person who worked on the game, was to construct cities that felt like living worlds, full of businesses, shops, and NPCs with schedules and behaviors based on what was happening at any given time.

It's really interesting stuff and I can definitely see how development on this could have gotten out of hand. It's no joke trying to build a realistic Sims-like AI scaled to MMO size, meant to cover an entire city / society. You're also forced to make everything massive and detailed when you go for the option of using real-life Earth as the game world.
What's funny about this info is that it confirms a leak that appeared all the way back in 2010, on a french website. It was one of the first leaks regarding Titan and it turns out it was the most accurate one as well. I talked about it in one of the first articles of this website, if you're interested in the english version
There's also a bit of optimistic news at the end:
One person connected to Blizzard told me that "a good handful" of the Titan team is actually still intact, despite yesterday's news that the game has been cancelled. 
"They changed the code-name after that reboot," said that person. "So the project that was 'Titan' did die last year."

I'd definitely recommend to take this with more than a grain of salt, as just yesterday Mike Morhaime clearly mentioned that at the moment they are not looking into developing MMOs. So whatever some of the ex-Titan team members are working on, it's probably highly edited and simplified.

 Titan cancellation cost Blizzard $50m or more [various estimations made by analysts regarding the development cost of Titan. $50M seems to be the lowest number, with another bidding up to $140M] - Gameindustry.biz

"Development costs for Titan may have amounted to tens of millions, perhaps $50 million or more. This is not an unusual event, however. Blizzard has cancelled several games in various stages of development in the past. Costs for unreleased games can be significant, but launching substandard games can harm the reputation of a successful publisher such as Blizzard. Expenses for development can be considered R&D, and benefits can include invaluable training, IP and technology that can be applied to other games," explained independent analyst Billy Pidgeon.

"They realized that unless a big MMO is out-of-this-world unbelievable it won't work in today's market where it competes against a bunch of low cost options. If they felt that it just wasn't getting to that point it makes sense to cut your losses," he noted. 

I don't necessarily agree with the second quote, as Titan seems to have been ideal for being a F2P game with endless possibilities for vanity items, thus making it very accessible for low-budget players. Hell, I would have been shocked if they didn't introduce a player-made workshop in the game, where players could craft their own clothes / furniture / jewelry and sell it for real cash, with Blizzard taking a cut.

 Titan is Dead. Long Live Prometheus! [Seems like one of the several projects in progress in Blizzard's laboratories right now is code-named Prometheus] - MMO-Champion

However, it doesn't mean that the development team is no longer working on something. Multiple sources who seem to point towards a new unannounced project from Blizzard that would be codenamed Prometheus and could be another project built around a new license for Blizzard.
Keep in mind that this last bit is very much unofficial and unconfirmed.

This could very easily be the project that Kotaku mentions part of the Titan team switched to. It's hard and silly to draw any conclusions from the internal name, so I'll stop speculation here, however there's definitely something to it.



The Reason for Titan's Initial Reset [Turns out that Destiny did have an effect on Titan's destiny] - Massively

The original "rethinking" delay occurred because what had been developed was alarmingly similar to Destiny in theme and aesthetic. I'm guessing that Blizz tried to salvage it, but too much would have to be rebuilt to make it seem significantly different from Bungie's product (same parent company probably doesn't help).
We saw a very early build of it in 2010 and it did have some cool hooks, but that becomes "something I saw personally" and not "something someone told me after I left," so there's that old NDA again.

This seems to partially match with what we now know from Kotaku, especially the part about a future Earth which was invaded by aliens. The general idea behind the combat seems to also be approximately the same. 
If we're to believe these new bites of info, then it's actually shocking that such a huge mix-up can happen at such a high level. Assuming the "rethinking" mentioned here is the one from 2013, then it means that they noticed the huge overlap between the 2 games only when one was a year away from launch and the other around halfway through. While Bungie may not be directly connected with Blizzard, Activision is with both, so they really should have avoided this conflict much earlier. Who know, we may still have Titan if that had happened...



Will update the article with anything else that pops up, however meanwhile I'm extremely curious to hear what you think about Titan and its planned features. As far as I'm concerned: too ambitious? Maybe; not fun? Are you kiddin' me?! I would have played it like mad.

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Titan Officially Announced as Cancelled. Dealing with the Unanswered Questions.

Sep 23 2014 11:40 PM | mynsc in News

Nota Bene

Make sure to check the previous articles as well, for more info on Blizzard's current unannounced projects and also for a bit of meta discussion on the future of TitanFocus.




We all knew it (at least those that had watched Titan more closely) however it is finally official: Titan is no more. Rest in Peace big guy. We never really knew you, but you will be missed!
"We didn't find the fun," Morhaime continued. "We didn't find the passion. We talked about how we put it through a reevaluation period, and actually, what we reevaluated is whether that's the game we really wanted to be making. The answer is no."
Chris Metzen, Blizzard's senior vice president of story and franchise development, called the decision to cancel Titan "excruciating."

So, let's see what we've learned from this official announcement, made via Polygon. *goes through the interview for the 10th time* As it turns out, quite nothing! 
We did get a confirmation that Blizzard is not currently involved in the development of any MMOs, as shown in the below quote, however this was also something highly speculated and basically taken as a given by many of us.
"I wouldn't say no to ever doing an MMO again," Morhaime said. "But I can say that right now, that's not where we want to be spending our time."

It's a pretty funny quote, considering it is coming from a company that has as its main income source an MMO which will hopefully be supported by the company indefinitely, according to Chris Metzen in this same interview. This apparent contradiction I think tells us more than the entire interview.
"We didn't find the fun," Morhaime continued. "We didn't find the passion. We talked about how we put it through a reevaluation period, and actually, what we reevaluated is whether that's the game we really wanted to be making. The answer is no."

First of all let's get the obvious out of the way. A company as big as Blizzard, sewn together to an even bigger corporation, when deciding the fate of a project does not actually take into consideration if they're having fun building it or if it's what each developer / designer wants to make, or if it's something they can get passionate about. These are just buzzwords specific to the entertainment industry, used just to make it easier to explain financial and strategic decisions to the general public. The only questions that do matter are "Will it sell?", "Will it last long-term?" "How risky it is?" and other similarly practical issues.
I'm not saying this as some kind of blame, just in order to make things clearer. All developers / designers are people (doh) with families and loans and I guarantee you that the project they'll get most passionate about is the one they believe it will be most successful. It matters very little if it's an MMO or not. This applies even more to the higher up people, such as Chris Metzen and Mike Morhaime. MM would like nothing more for Blizzard to be considered THE MMO company if that would mean pulling off a new World of Warcraft, in terms of success and revenue.
"Are we the MMORPG company?" he added later, in conclusion to that line of questioning.
Morhaime answered that last rhetorical question quite simply: "We don't want to identify ourselves with a particular genre. We just want to make great games every time."

So why not a second MMO? Why not Titan?

The obvious answer would be that all big game developers are running away from the MMO genre, due to its stained reputation, the high initial investment needed and the risk factor. We got this impression even from inside Activision, as Bungie's marketing department did its best to label as not an MMO a game which was obviously an MMO. Even if it wasn't, they would have been happy to let it be called that way if they thought it would be advantageous. They obviously didn't think this.
While likely a major part in Blizzard's decision to cancel Titan, it cannot be the only part. You do not cancel an ongoing project just because it's an MMO, no matter how risky the genre is considered these days for major developers.
I would thus like to suggest the missing piece, namely that Blizzard has become too big to make big projects. This I believe is true in a couple of ways.

 Activision Blizzard has always been defined as a company that bases its success on extremely high revenue from very

few projects. Blizzard especially, since before the launch of Diablo 3, they were basically making money only from World of Warcraft. An immense risk for any company. 

Alarm bells went off at both Activision and Blizzard to diversify their income sources. I can't speak for Activision, however this has become more than obvious with Blizzard. World of Warcraft was morphed to be able to bring money even if somehow they were forced to lose the subscription, thus minimising its risk value. Old franchises were reborn (SC2 / D3) and new, smaller ones were created (HotS, HS). We also suspect of at least 2 projects in the works, some close to release. This is a huge change for the company. I remember pretty much everyone, from players to press, being shocked at Blizzard launching a "small" game as Hearthstone. Well, get ready for 2,3,4 more just as "small" in the near future!

 In the process of becoming huge, Blizzard lost its developing discipline. When working at a very large project, the easiest thing to happen is to get absolutely lost in its details, obsesses over the smallest things and be annoyed this still-in-progress project is not already perfect. Have a look at the below quotes and tell me this isn't what happened with Titan.


We were losing perspective and getting lost in the weeds a little. We had to allow ourselves to take that step back and reassess why the hell we were doing that thing in the first place."

We were trying to do the right thing and build the right, smart product, and keep it all moving...

And there's times where they just drive each other batshit crazy. For as good as they are and the experience they have, sometimes you just don't find it, and you've got to get out of the damn studio and go have a beer and regroup.

I refuse to believe that a project which Blizzard, one of the largest gaming companies in the world, "set out to make the most ambitious thing that you could possibly imagine", was not something we would have found fun and played the crap out of. Nothing short of showing me the game itself *nudge nudge* will convince me otherwise.
I am certain that the project was not flawed or too ambitious by itself, more than any game is in pre-pre-alpha. It was however too big and too ambitious as a game developed by Blizzard. If we take a look at the company's history, this should become obvious. Every project has gone through delays and there haven't been any really major projects since, well, since World of Warcraft. 
"But Mynsc, surely you are forgetting Diablo 3!" You mean the game that suffered endless delays and was launched half-complete? Furthermore, for Diablo 3 Blizzard had a very clear pattern to follow, that of Diablo 2. It was making a sequel, not a brand new game. Same with Starcraft 2, which is virtually identical with the original Starcraft, except 10 years into the future.
Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone also do not get close, even when counted together, to the magnitude of Project Titan, from a development point of view.
In other words, Blizzard is a huge company that since 2004 has not launched any truly major and new projects. No matter how you look at it, it is not a company that was suited to complete a very large project such as Titan. Having deep pockets is useful for such projects only if you have an inside culture that's disciplined and organised enough to be able to use them.
This may very well be by choice (knowingly or not), as the company has always prided itself in its ability to ignore deadlines. And we may very well be looking at the company embracing this and thus focusing on smaller projects. Less risk, more income sources, a more efficient development model. Hell, if Hearthstone is of any relevance, probably even more fun games! This may very well be a winning bet for them.
"Damage the relationship. Smash the trust."

However the transition period may be harder for us, the players, than for Blizzard. I find it truly sad, at a personal level (not criticising the company in any way), that I know to not expect any major AAA games from Blizzard, one of the biggest gaming companies and definitely one of my favorite ones. I love Hearthstone, I play it almost daily and I spend money on it, however it will never be Warcraft, Starcraft or Diablo. Well, it technically is Warcraft, but you hopefully get my meaning.
What was Titan?

What I find even sadder is that we are heading towards never knowing what Titan was. An incredibly ambitious project, the MMO that was to replace World of Warcraft, the game too big to exist. However we do not have a single non-metaphorical detail regarding it.
And now that it is past the point of official cancellation, we're at risk of never really finding out. Sure, we may assume some of the features and worlds in Blizzard's next games have been taken from Titan, but will we ever know this for certain?
At this point I'm half-expecting to only find out 10 years from now, in a Blizzard-made documentary for a 20 year anniversary or something of the sorts. 
I do not feel entitled to private info from a company, however I do think it would have been nice and awesome for them to include in this announcement a screenshot or at least a sentence of concrete actual info regarding Titan. Although it's true that this would have had the opposite effect of what they hoped to achieve with this, namely to make people forget about Titan and make room for new games, such as Overwatch.

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TitanFocus is Dead; Long Live TitanFocus!

Aug 06 2014 09:55 PM | mynsc in Meta - Website, Community

Update 23.09.2014 

In news that's not really news (see our previous articles, including this one which is written more than 2 months ago), Blizzard officially announced the cancellation of Titan. Check the Polygon article for all the quotes. I'll look through them and come back with some comments if I find anything interesting.




I've started this website approximately 3 years and 3 months ago (time sure flies!), with the goal of covering Blizzard's upcoming "next-gen MMO". As a gamer focused mainly on MMOs and a wannabe web dev / syadmin, it was an ideal part-time hobby.
Well, it still very much is, however a small problem occurred meanwhile. The game went missing.
As mentioned in the previous article, all signs point to the fact that Blizzard is no longer looking at developing a grand-scale MMO, at least not in the immediate future. Not even a small-scale MMO, although they definitely seem to be focusing on smaller scale games, as both Overwatch and the other unknown project (Metal Arms?) are rumored to be projects similar to Hearthstone when it comes to time / resource investment.
While I'm still very much interested in Blizzard's upcoming projects, the company behind a game does not matter that much to me, as long as the project sounds interesting. Not to mention that I'm not a huge fan of Blizzard's latest developments regarding their 3 big franchises, or in the case of Starcraft, the lack of any developments (shots fired).
 New Direction
Taking the above into account, I'm officially looking for a new MMO to sink my teeth in and focus on. If Overwatch somehow will fit the bill when announced this year, then great! If not, no problem, I'm sure something else will come up. Tips and suggestions are always appreciated regarding this. The criteria for this new game would be the following:

  • MMO or highly multiplayer-focused game.
  • New Franchise.
  • Freshly announced, however not vaporware. Titan was enough tyvm.


Until we find this new magical game, the website will be in a transitional period. What this means exactly:

  • Getting ready for the release of IPB4. This is the software the website is based on and it is about to receive a major upgrade. I've already moved the website onto a more robust and better maintained server, however once the software is upgraded I'm also planning a major redesign. ETA for this is until the end of the year, depending on when IPB4 launches (the devs are almost worse than Blizzard when it comes to sticking to deadlines).
  • While still keeping an eye out for any relevant Titan news, unless anything spectacular pops up, nothing of this sort will probably get posted. You may see articles regarding post-Titan conclusions, new MMOs, or other MMO related content. As always though, anything goes on the forums.
  • The Twitter feed will become much more active, regarding MMO and gaming news. It will also be the easiest way to stay up-to-date with any website developments, so do follow if you are interested in what's next for TF or just hand-picked MMO news.

This transitional period also means that I'm even more open to suggestions than usual, no matter how crazy. Drop me an email, a private message or just leave a comment if you have any on your mind.

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